Group at Laindon High Road School July 1945

Pat Keeper

36 children from Laindon High Road, Archer Road and Victoria Crescent in the quadrangle of Laindon High Road School July 1945.

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01 ?02 ?03 ?04 ?05 Miss Wignall
06 Rev. Reynolds07 Mrs Wignall08 ?09 ?10 Mr. Webb (caretaker)
11 ?12 Peter Hutchins13 ?13 ?15 Wignall
16 Billy Mears17 Den Read18 Vic Chinnery19 Peter Stubbs20 ?

21 ?22 Tony White23 ?24 Pat Hutchins25 ?
26 ?27 Michael Halliday28 Joan Powell29 ?30 ?
31 ?32 ?33 Johnny Mears34 Elsie Reed35 ?
36 ?37 ?38 Gillian Pritchard39 ?40 Robin Goodbody
41 Trevor Collison42 Denis Collison


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  • This was a party for the children living around Laindon High Road School, (Archer Road, High Road, Victoria Crescent?). Most were too young to be pupils at the school. As it was held in 1945, I tend to agree with Joan Powell, that it was for VE Day, but I can’t be sure, because I was only 3 years old.

    By Trevor Collison (23/12/2017)
  • Just small spelling corrections.
    Confirm 42 is Trevor Collison (me)
    Note no “n” in the middle of Collison.
    I was 3 at the time – and I really didn’t like those clowns!

    Confirm 43 is my brother Denis Collison.
    Note single “n” in Denis, and no “n” in the middle of Collison.

    Our Mum was Mrs Collison, a teacher at Laindon High Road School.

    By Trevor Collison (23/12/2017)
  • I have not seen this picture before and I’m quite intrigued. Some for the children look very young, perhaps even pre-school. Has anyone put a date to it? 

    Editor:  Below the first photograph, the date July 1945 is mentioned.  I have added the date to the title.

    By Paul Stickland (26/03/2017)
  • At this morning’s Memory Day at Laindon Library, we spoke to Pat Hutchins (No. 24 in the above picture) who explained to us that this was not a VE Day Party.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (25/03/2017)
  • These pictures must be of years 1 and 2. I don’t recognise any of the pupils names. I was in 3A at the time

    By Alfred Mitchell (16/09/2012)
  • A few more names and a couple of confirmations for the Archer Road/ High Road V.E. day party picture. I have gained this information mainly from Joan Powell. 5 Miss Wignall 6 Rev.Reynolds 7 Mrs Wignall 10 Mr.Webb (caretaker) 18 Vic Chinnery 19 Peter Stubbs 28 is definitely Joan Powell 40 Robin Goodbody 41 Trevor Collison 42 Denis Collison and No 15 is a Wignall.

    By Ann Rugg (née Bullimore) (15/09/2012)

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