Langdon Hills & Laindon Schools.

War Years Education.

Teachers at Langdon Hills School; Mrs Jones, Mrs Baker, Mrs Hill, Miss O’Brien and Mr Taylor, a good shot at the ear with chalk!   Mr Wilkinson, Mr Hall and Mr Bennet were called up to RAF and these were replacement retired teachers.   Mr Taylor and Mr Hall had their children evacuated to Australia, this must have been upsetting for them.  Two large brick shelters were built in the grounds and we had many exercise drills with gas masks in and out of shelters.  On many occasions incendiary bombs landed on the school and playground; memories of teachers with stirrup pumps trying to put them out, we thought it was fun but were soon to find out otherwise.

 Laindon High Road School;  Mr Radford, head teacher, Miss Jollyman, head mistress.  I then passed on to Chelmsford Tech and had to avoid Doodlebugs and Rockets, diving into hedges when playing hockey.  The swimming pool was bombed and I never learnt to swim until I was 30, how we received any education I shall never know.  Cookery day;  the items were shared by the boys on the bus coming home, names Tommy Monk, John Pepperell and others.  So we did have fun amongst the war actions.  We used to pass the Italian P of War when marching to work at Galleywood, we felt sorry for them.

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  • I was there 1944 -1951. I remember in particular Miss O’Brien who struck terror in us with her strictness. My mother gave her lessons in how to play the mandolin, from which an unkind ditty was born. I don’t see the teacher Mr Richards mentioned (unless my memory is at fault).

    By Gerald Jones (01/03/2015)
  • I joined Laindon High Road school in 1950.  Mr Radford had just retired and Mr Woodward had taken over as headmaster.  Mrs Virling (or Verling) was the head female teacher although I am not sure of her actual title.  She was succeeded by the motor cycle riding Miss Harris during my 5 years there.  Miss Jollyman was the biology teacher during these years.  Janet Duke had been a teacher there at some time as I remember Messrs Gay and Reece telling me how she came skipping down the corridor with her letter of acceptance in her hand saying “I’ve got it, I’ve got it”  – meaning the headmistress position at Markhams Chase Primary School.

    By Anne Burton (08/04/2014)
  • I didn’t realise until now that Miss Jollyman was once the Headmistress at Laindon High Road School. I wonder when the transition was made and Miss Harris took the role on. Also whether Miss Jollyman was happy to become just a regular teacher.

    Thelma Oliver might be interested to know that Chelmsford Tech has recently been demolished and the whole area is up for redevelopment. However, some of the interesting college facades have been protected and some walls are standing, temporarily supported and will become part of the new look. Interesting, as I can watch it all being done from my office window.

    By Richard Haines (07/04/2014)

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