The Wheatsheaf, Little Burstead

The WheatSheaf Little Burstead
Unknown photographer
The WheatSheaf Little Burstead
Unknown photographer
John and Doreen Allan
Photographer unknown
The Wheatsheaf Little Burstead
The Wheatsheaf Little Burstead
This postcard belongs to my wife,s aunt (by marriage) who is the daughter of the last landlord of The Wheatsheaf pub that was in Little Burstead
This postcard belongs to my wife,s aunt(by marriage)who is the daughter of the last landlord of The Wheatsheaf pub that was in Little Burstead

This is not strictly within our community but as a considerable amount of Laindon including our railway station, which was a king pin in the evolution of Laindon, was in the Little Burstead Parish I think we can stray occasionally.The Wheatsheaf was the village local for many years, but 28th September 1964, was the last night drinks were served by the landlord John Allan and his wife Doreen. They had been there since 1955. Economic reasons forced Charringtons to close the pub. 

Editors note:

To add a little more local interest to this last photograph one of my old neighbours, from the days when I lived in Dunton, Ron Bonnett lived in the cottage next to the pub for a short period after he got married. The newly weds had regular visits, in the early days, by Ron’s father Bill. These regular visits were not out of concern as to how they were settling to married life. The attraction was the fact that the cottage was so close to the Wheatsheaf that his pint could be ordered and collected through the kitchen window and he could remain sitting in comfort. 

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  • My great uncle and aunt had this pub in the 1940’s, their name was Foster and their sister lived in the wooden house next door to the village hall, their name was Bright. As a kid in the mid to late forties I used to stay there in the summer holidays and remember the Essex Union Hunt from Kennel Lane coming past in the early mornings to exercise the hounds. Also in the bar of the pub they had a cockato called ‘cocky’ that used to swear when the locals held a pint of bear over his cage and tipped it onto him.

    By Brian Bass (17/02/2019)
  • Ron Bonnet, my valued lifelong friend, lived in South Green, Billericay, moved to Beccles, then to Kessingland, Suffolk.

    Sadly, he now lies resting in the local churchyard. The church can’t be missed as you drive into Kessingland Village the church is on the right, unusual for a church as it has a lovely thatched roof.  Rest in peace my old friend.

    By Robert Springate (02/02/2017)
  • Hello Clive, came across your comment about your dad when he lived near the Wheatsheaf in Little Burstead. (Ron Bonnett) A great little pub! Your dad was my best mate, had some great days fishing and ferreting! He would help anyone out. I really miss him and his infectious laugh! The World is a sadder place without him! R.I.P. Rob Springate on 10/10/2013

    By Robert Springate (10/10/2013)
  • My grandparents lived in Wheatsheaf cottages until my grandads death in 1954. Their cottage was the far one from the Wheatsheaf pub. 

    I remember as a very young child catching the bus from Brentwood high street to Sun Corner then catching another to opposite the Wheatsheaf when visiting my grandparents. 

    Their names were Ted and Ada Pond. Both are now residing!! in Little Burstead Churchyard along with my great grandparents Abraham and Jane Pond who lived in Rose Cottage Dunton.

    By Sue (Susan Pond) Heazel (01/09/2013)
  • Does anyone know where Crowe Cottage was in Little Burstead?. I am tracing a couple who lived there in 1915!!

    By Andrew (03/07/2012)
  • My father often spoke about the pub and still to this day when I travel down to Essex to visit family in Brentwood this is the route to take.

    Now my own children (Ron’s grandchildren) spend hours in the summer walking round the avenues of Dunton listening to my memories of when I was a child. Sadly my father past away on the 20th Feb 2010 but his memory, like all those others that have passed will live on, forever.

    By Clive Bonnett (19/02/2012)
  • My mum worked in the village stores when that photo was taken it was run by Mr and Mrs Wilks before that Mrs Gooding. I know a lot of the people that are now residing in Little Bustead churchyard my mother being one of them.

    By Joe Rudniski (16/09/2011)

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