Laindon Souvenir

Laindon crested ware
Barry Sowden

Having just read the holiday souvenirs article by Ann Rugg I though I would add a photo of the first piece of crested ware that started my own collection.

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  • Great to see another piece of Laindon crested china appear on site. When I added my article earlier only 2 items were in my possession and the others all belonged  to Ken Porter who gave me permission to photograph them to include in the article. In time who knows how many will surface?

    I have used Laindon shops for 70 years now and do not ever remember these china items being on sale in any that I visited. Presumably most of them were purchased by the visitors to Laindon rather than the locals and went home with them after their weekends and holidays in ‘lovely Laindon’.

    I do always look in antique shops when I see crested china but the nearest I ever got was my little Billericay jug. I did however come across one from Kensington recently which was another unlikely holiday destination which someone had purchased a souvenir of.

    Anyway Barry keep looking and thanks for sharing your find with the archive.

    By Ann Rugg (25/04/2014)

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