Langdon Hills Primary

1961 School Photograph

By Ian Mott

21 ______?22 Rita Billington23 ______?24 Joy Brown
25 Margaret Tyler26 Christine Llewellyn27 Hazel Chaplin28 ______?
29 Marie Francis30 Patricia Marshall31 ______?32 ______?
33 Annette Ryan34 ______?35 ______?36 Corinne Hursk
37 Maureen Smith38 Brenda Ross.39 Susan Patching40 Jacqueline Cook

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Langdon Hills Primary' page

By Keith Jackson from Paul Sargeant original

01 Jill Rand02 ______?03 ______?04 ______?
05 Gillian Darke06 Carol Lester07 Hazel Taylor08 ______?
09 Susan Derby10 Carol Baker11 Jennifer Long12 Judith Ranson
13 Pamela Burr14 Susan Fordham15 Susan Footer16 ______?
17 Jenny Bailey/Elise Dowling18 Glynis Crome/Clarke19 Valerie Peppit20 ______?

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I remember Miss O' Brian very well,"she of the ginger hair" My classmate was kept in after school, as a punishment. We all had chores to do after school, my classmate's Dad came to our wooden bungalow in Alexander Road, demanding to know why his son had not come home from school to do his chores. I explained that his teacher was keeping him in, my friends dad went rushing off to the school, told his son to go home and get some work done. I heard that Miss O'Brian had stood there, mouth wide open, but no words issued forth, to use a modern phrase, she was "Gobsmacked" was this a first. You don't mess with our dads when there is work to do after school!



By Robert Springate
On 02/02/2017

Looking back on it, I think Miss O'Brien must have had some deep masochistic streak in her psyche. I am among the first to defend the old disciplines with which we were exposed. I encountered caning from Mr Taylor while at Langdon Hills. I deserved it. I have never complained about it. It did me no lasting harm. Quite the reverse. Miss O'Brien was different. She seemed to have a deep, visceral, dislike of all the children and took every opportunity to terrorize them. I am sure that today, after the first complaint from a parent, and a hearing, she would be fired on the spot. Deservedly so!

By Alan Davies
On 18/01/2016

The hairdresser that Luca is looking for is Michael Morrison, not Parkinson.

By Paul Gibson
On 17/01/2016

You are absolutely right Alan I will never forget her as I mentioned elsewhere on the forum. I was one of her victims at Langdon Hills Primary, I guess it was around 1948/9. She had us totally silent sitting stiffly upright as she stalked up and down between the desks ruler in hand.

By Gerald Jones
On 02/01/2016

I note that Patricia Wiltshire (Patricia Marshall as she was at the time) confesses to have been so scared of Miss O'Brien that, when questioned concerning her address, wet herself. And this was 1961. I attended the same school from 1939 to 1945 and I (and my classmates) were all deathly scared of the same Miss O'Brien.

I wonder how long Miss O'Brien taught at Langdon Hills. It is quite possible that she enjoyed(?) over thirty years of mentally scarring children sufficient to ensure that none of them would ever forget her. By my calculation this totals a minimum of something over five thousand children. 

Quite an achievement.

By Alan Davies
On 02/01/2016

Trying to locate an old friend Michael Parkinson? I think that was his last name - He left LHRS to become a Barber, around 1964/5 then opened a Ladies' Salon at Langdon Hills.

By Luca
On 01/01/2016

No. 18 - Glynis Clarke.  This name was supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

By Nina Humphrey(née Burton)
On 26/05/2015

18) Glynis Crome, 19) Valerie Peppit, 40) Jaqueline Cook & I'm sure 17 is Elise Dowling.

By Susan Catton (nee Davis)
On 13/05/2015

It is definitely me (Judith Ranson) on Page 2 of this photo (not Gay Clarke).

By Judith Webb (nee Ranson)
On 17/07/2014

Hi,  the best school ever, my mum was a cleaner at the school she is number 10 on page 8. I'm number 30 on this page and a friend of mine at that time is Jenny Bailey she is number 17. I also have one of these photos, getting a little bit tatty now, anyway have lovely memories from that time.

Mr Wiggins was the best headmaster ever he seemed to be a very calm man around children. I was terrified of Miss O'Brien, I remember she asked me were I lived we had only moved into the area a few weeks and I didn't know my address and wet myself, very frightening indeed.

By the way my name was Patricia Marshall at that time and mum's name was Margarie Marshall, many thanks, bye.

By Patricia Wiltshire
On 02/04/2015

Number 36 me, Corinne Hursk :-)

By Corinne Wheeler (née Hursk)
On 21/09/2013

No.14 Susan Fordham methinks .

By Mark Robinson
On 10/06/2013

Hi to anyone who knows me. I have just recently been told about this site by my brother John who is also in the photo along with my older brother Ricky. It was great to see the photo again, it brought back some lovely memories and I was surprised just how many I remembered. 

I think no.37 is Maureen Smith and no.39 is Susan Patching. If I remember any more will be in touch. 

By Cheryl Salmon née Cleverley
On 24/05/2013

I think no. 5 is Gillian Darke and no. 6 Carol Lester

By Pam McAllister née Burr
On 12/05/2013

I think no. 5 is Gillian Dark and no. 6 Carol Lester but I'm mot 100% sure.

By Pam McAllister née Burr
On 08/05/2013

No 33 is me Annette Ryan.

By Ann
On 07/03/2013

No 1 is me, Jill Rand, 9 is Susan Derby, 11 is Jennifer Long, 13 is Pamela Burr

By Jill Thwaites née Rand
On 28/02/2013

No.22 is Rita Billington

By Martin Robinson
On 29/01/2013

15. Is me Susan Footer

By Sue Rivers (née Footer)
On 07/01/2013

No 12 is Me Judith Randson, 7 is Hazel Taylor, 10 is Carol Baker 

By Judith Webb née Randson
On 17/12/2012