Laindon Poem - 1931 Laindon Recorder

Laindon Poem – 1931 Laindon Recorder
Browsing through and old 1931 Laindon Recorder I came across this poem on Laindon I thought you might like to see and wonder if there is anybody else out there who could write poetry on Laindon, old or new. If so we would love to have them.

Spring Thoughts

Laindon roads are muddy and brown,
Oh! for the lights of London Town,
A hectic rush, the evening train,
A tramp through mud and slush and rain;
Over and over and over again
That’s what Laindon means.

But winter goes, then follows Spring,
Then Summer comes and so I sing.

Laindon lanes are pretty and green,
The soft grass shines with its dewy sheen,
The thrushes sing and cuckoos call
Me from my bed. The green trees tall
Sway o’er my head as blossoms fall.
That’s what Laindon means.

So keep your lights of London Town,
Though Laindon roads are muddy and brown,
The peaceful walks midst shady trees,
The cattle grazing in the leas,
The pretty flowers, the dulcet breeze,
That’s what Laindon means.


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  • What a beautiful poem about Laindon many years ago. Just sums up how it used to be.

    By Judy Webb (15/02/2019)

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