Laindon Cricket Team

The team relaxing

P Hays

I am sure that you will be able fill in the blanks without too much trouble.

George BuckLes SheppardDerick Ginby
Tony WilliamsPeter HaysRay FarmerPeter LucasSid Rose
Jack Burns ?

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  • My dad was George Buck, a very good spin bowler.
    I spent a lot of my weekends watching Laindon play;
    both my cousins played David and Albert Bryant, plus my brother Jon at some matches.
    My aunt Alice and my mum made a lot of the teas as well.
    Good memories

    By June (20/06/2023)
  • Great to see my old pals again. 

    Alan Davies is he in the UK now?

    Editor: Alan is still in Canada as far as I am aware.

    By RAY FARMER (06/12/2012)
  • Ref this photograph, I suggest the names Derek Ginbey and Ray Farmer should be transposed and the person kneeling in front is without a doubt Jack Burns.

    By WHDiment (24/11/2012)
  • Ray Farmer and I (and others) played tennis and table tennis together. On a Saturday night we would go dancing usually at the Archer Hall in Billericay but sometimes as far afield as Brentwood, Southend Kurrsal, or Chelmsford. If we were lucky, Ray would borrow a taxi from his father for the evening. 

    The thing that stands out in my mind, however, is that 1950 or thereabouts, Ray picked the winner in the Grand National. Russian Hero at 66 to 1 can you believe? Even at our usual bet of a shilling each way that was a nice piece of change. When a shilling was worth something.

    By Alan Davies (29/03/2012)
  • Surely it is the 1970’s. Fifth from the left, standing, is Ray Farmer son of the Farmer’s Taxi service. Ray was also a good table tennis player, has kept it up throughout the years, and currently is over 60’s table tennis champion in the Rochford and Southend area league.

    By Alan Davies (28/03/2012)
  • Alan Davies is correct in naming Ray Farmer in the back row. I am still not sure who the man in the centre is and who I previously calleg a Bernard Braine doppelganger.

    By W.H.Diment (28/03/2012)
  • Of course Ken is correct in naming George Buck and others. I misled myself by the date, as George was a late comer to the team and did not appear in the 1950’s. I believe George joined us from Westley or Langdon Hills.

    By W.H.Diment (13/01/2012)
  • Further to my earlier remarks, I believe that the person kneeling may well have been Jack Burns, a Woodlands schoolmaster and vice president, also as to my jocular remark about the centre person resembling Bernard Braine MP. 

    I now remember that he did visit the club to inaugurate the new pavilion, if so it would seem strange that Councillor Wally Card is not in the photo, as it was he who donated all the material for the pavilion.

    By WH.Diment (12/01/2012)
  • Sorry, the photograph is from the 1970s not 1950s. Third from the left is Buck I think his name was George. Next to him is Ray Farmer. and second from the right is Derick Ginby. The one kneeling down is Jack Burns and he did not appear until the late 60s.

    By Ken Porter (12/01/2012)
  • I think this photograph looks suspiciously like the 1970s judging by the clothing, hairstyles and glasses being worn, anyone agree?

    By Richard Haines (12/01/2012)
  • The centre figure back row is Les Sheppard. In front from the left. Tony Williams, Peter Hays, xxx, Peter Lucas. 

    The centre figure leaves me baffled and is a ‘dopplegänger’ for Bernard Braine MP who was never connected to the club to the best of my memory.

    If the date of 1950s is true, it must have been towards the end of that decade.

    By WH.Diment (11/01/2012)

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