Laindon High Road School 1956

The 1956 photograph

By Ian Mott

56 Mike Bolton7 Billy Anderson8 Gilbert Ager
910 David Jackson11 Trevor Spurling12 Joan Powell
13 Rosemary Grainger14 Wendy Darke15 Sheila Herbert ?16 Pauline Temple
17 Rose Nunn18 John Stenson1920 Keith Moore
21 Mike Taylor2223 Robert Bugg24 Eddie Lewis
25 Michael Lindsell26 Jimmy Green ??27 John Larkin28 Tony White
29 Jeff Wilson30 Mike Shrimpton31 David Sharp32

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33 Maureen Cole34 Pauline Abbott3536
37 Janice Lee?38 Valerie Orpington3940 Valerie Seabur
414243 Evelyn Barton44
45 Marilyn Harsent ?464748
495051 Robin Dutnall52 Trevor Beatel
535455 Brian Howell56 Bernard Cole
57 Rodger Joseph58  

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No. 24 is Eddie Lewis and he is stood next to my husband No. 25 Michael Lindsell.

By Christy Lindsell (nee Sheldon)
On 29/01/2017

No. 14 Wendy Darke (just the spelling) she was a good friend of mine who I lost contact with. 

By Isabel Smith
On 15/06/2014

I read a comment by Michael Smith asking if Pauline Temple was head prefect (girl) at this time and I fully agree with him he was Head Prefect (boy) and Pauline was Head Prefect (girl)

By David Muncey
On 26/12/2013

What a wonderful find, a photo of my husband at school. No. 8 - Gilbert Ager.

By Sugeebas Ager
On 01/07/2013

16 - Is Pauline Temple - Head Girl at this time.

By Mike Smith
On 17/12/2012

Sorry Ed. Bernard Cole is No.56. No. 55 Brian Howell

By Dave Coleman
On 19/02/2012

No. 28 is Tony White. Tony was the son of Mabel White the organist at St. Nicholas Church.

By Ann Dolton
On 14/02/2012

No 58 christian name Bernard

By dave coleman
On 05/02/2012

57 Rodger Joseph, 58---Cole, 55 Brian Howell, 52 Trevor Beatel, 51 Robin Dutnall, 34 Pauline Abbott, 37 Janice Lee, 38 Valerie Orpington, 40 Valerie Seabur, 27 John Larkin, 28 Tony White, 29 Jeff Wilson, 30 Mike Shrimpton, 31 David Sharp and 20 I think is Keith Moore.

By dave coleman
On 03/02/2012

No 7 is Billy Anderson

By Christine Hutchings
On 24/01/2012

No 6 is Mike Bolton and no 7 is Billy ??

No 38 is Valerie Orpington. No 37 is Andrea Bardot

By Christine Hutchings
On 29/12/2011

A long shot, could 26 be Jimmy Green????

By Ken Page
On 21/12/2011

Can anyone help confirm whether No. 24 is my brother Eddie Lewis? I keep looking at the photo but can't be sure.

By Brenda Mason (Lewis)
On 19/12/2011

14 Wendy Dark, 15 Sheila Herbert? 17 Rose Nunn.

By Albert Bedford
On 19/12/2011

Page 3 No 13 is spelt Grainger

By Ann Rugg
On 17/12/2011

18 John Stenson,21 Mike Taylor,23 Robert Bugg.

By Ken Page
On 17/12/2011

10 David Jackson - my brother

By Keith Jackson
On 15/12/2011

11 Trevor Spurling

By Colin Clarke
On 12/12/2011

20 - Keith Moore 43 - Evelyn Barton 45 - Marilyn Harsent?

By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell)
On 12/12/2011

No.8 Gilbert Ager.

By Eddie Lewis
On 12/12/2011