A Group at Markham's Chase School 1956/57.

Markham's Chase School 1956/57.

The reason for this gathering is unknown.  It is a mixture of two classes. Several of my classmates are in there but where was I!!

I have managed to remember most of the names but although I recognise the others, I can’t put names to them yet.  I have listed them below and wonder if anybody can fill in the gaps.

Back Row from left.  No 1. Janice Hardy.  No  2. Brian Clement.  No 3.  ?     No 4. Brenda Lewis. No 5. Geraldine Moore.  No 6. Carol Hircock.  No 7. Brenda Holt ?  No  8. Elaine Bridle.  No 9. Shirley Talbot.  No 10. ?  No 11. John Devine.  No 12.  Possibly Jeff  Footer/John Blackwell.  No 13. Bill Lewis.  No 14. Nina Rome.

Middle from left.  No 1. ?    No 2. Clive Clifford.   No 3. Jan Labedski.  No 4. Sheila Knock.  No 5. Lorna Smith.    No 6.  Joy Robinson.  No 7. Vivienne Bragg.  No 8. Gloria Gannon.  No 9. Irene Peall.  No 10.  Eileen Withers.  No 11.  Gordon Clark.  No 12. Chris Reynolds.

Front Row from left.    No 1.  ?     No 2. Bill Jagger.  No 3.  ?     No 4.  Jill Dolton.    No 5. Iris Skudder.  No 6.  Margaret Peall.     No 7.  Christine Ross   No 8. Helen Brown.  No 9.  Sylvia Hill.     No 10. Sheila Spooner.  No 11. Terry Reynolds.  No 12.  John Bird.

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  • I am able to identify two of the children seated in the front row of “A group at Markham’s Chase School 1956/57”.  No. 4 is my sister – Jill Dolton.  No. 9 is Sylvia Hill.

    By Ann Dolton (06/08/2017)

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