The Laindon Motorcycle Crowd Relax

The music that they enjoyed and still do

This page is allow contributors to talk about the music that played a part in their lives in the fifties

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  • Ok to stir some more nostalgia from the motorcycle crowd I can report that I looked on ‘youtube’ today and found some brilliant music from 1957/58. If you look under Dennis Herrod you will find a clip which takes me right back to those days. People are dancing that kind of dance that only the Laindon Rockers will remember. Anyone else need not apply !! you fogies !!

    By Richard Haines (22/07/2012)
  • Follow up to Editor thats Hip hip baby by Dennis Herrold 1958 on youtube (thanks!!)

    By Richard Haines (22/07/2012)
  • For most of the time I was in Laindon, especially during my five years at LHR there was a lot of record collecting going on.  As I mentioned above Duane Eddy was a favourite, especially among the boys, we used to swap records sometimes as they were expensive!!

    Imagine the thrill then of seeing him on stage, live as he was last night (20th May) in London.  I wonder if any of my old Laindon school friends were there in the audience, I would hazard a guess and say no.  It was packed to the rafters in the Festival Hall; the place was shaking to Duane’s old hits including Shazam, Rebel Rouser and Detour. Duane at 74 still looks tall and cool in his black drainpipes, pointed boots, black shirt with silver motif and big Stetson. His sound, just like those records but louder.

    I’m still a fan 50 years on from my 14th birthday when I walked down Laindon Link to buy Duane’s ‘Ring of Fire’.

    By Richard Haines (21/05/2012)
  • Just a bit of information for all the Laindon rockers, your old friend Duane Eddy is back in the UK in May and has a concert in the South Bank on Sunday 20th. So all you Lonely Ones and Rebel Rousers grab a ticket to go see him, he’s 74 now and is still brilliant.

    By Richard Haines (21/04/2012)

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