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This is a photo of my Dad – Joe Oliver -in the Laindon Bicycle Polo team. He is 2nd from the left. I would be very interested to hear anything more about their history. 

I do have a couple of his medals , one from 1937-38 Eastern Counties League Winners, another 1938 3rd in the National Championships.

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  • Joe Oliver was my Grandad and I feel very proud knowing he was an England goal keeper and seeing his picture and name on the internet.

    By Mandy Marshall (15/02/2013)
  • Thanks Elaine for putting this photo on of our Dad, Joe Oliver. I remember him talking about his days with the Laindon Cycle Polo Club, but like you, never knew he was England goal keeper! Happy Days!

    By Penny Carter (Oliver) (14/02/2013)
  • Looking at this photo brought back some memorys of the cycle speedway club that I once belonged to around 1974 to 76. The polo bikes look very similar to the bikes we had with the front forks staightened and narrow handlebars. We had to make these bikes ourselves with the help of Cliff Parkinson supplying the unusal parts required to build these bikes (i.e. Knobbly tyers, small front crank for low gearing etc). It was an extremely physical sport we used to race and train at the track beside Laindon link near to the Bluehouse park. 

    My good friend and team member was Martin Swan sadly no longer with us. 

    For some strange reason I can’t think of the name of the club. Can anyone help with this? 

    I would like to say what a great photo Elaine

    By Barry Ellerby (13/02/2013)
  • One small point about this photo that is rather strange is that they are all sitting on their Claude Butler custom built match cycles as are evident by the solid straight front forks and the short wheelbase with the rider sitting over the rear wheel, yet are not wearing their squared red and black match shirts and often used makeshift cycles for practice to avoid damage to the match cycles.

    By W.H.Diment (13/02/2013)

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