Laindon Polo Bicycle Club

An unusual sport

If you or a family member were part of this team, you could be able to let us know who they are.

What happened to this sport and is it still active in the area?

Bicycle Polo Team

Joe Oliver?______?______?_____?Jack Lagdon
______?Christopher Elijah Collings_____?______?

Christopher Elijah Collings (the Hardware Shop 16 High Rd).

Also do you recognise the young lad on the right?

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  • Hello – I am Joe Oliver’s daughter Penny – I think your information is incorrect – I went to Markhams Chase School; but I now live in Lincolnshire, as does my sister Elaine. I don’t think it is Dad in this photo.

    By Penny Carter (Oliver) (14/02/2013)
  • Laindon Bipol was formed circa 1935 by Sid Haydon, the manager of AMA Building supplies who later opened his own business. I did not become a member until circa 1937 and some of the players I remember were Chris Collings capt., Joe Oliver England and Bipol goalkeeper, George Wellington, the Ferrier bros., Alan Mitchell, Laurie Hatherall, Wilf Simpson, Jack Lagden, Howard Hutchins there were others but my mind grows dim. 

    It was a winter sport and the league games were all played at one venue at Roydon Mill House. Laindon were a successful team and contested the national final at Hurlingham Polo Club loosing to a south London team, Norwood Paragon. 

    The war finished the club and one of the last players I heard of was Wilfred Simpson whose obituary appeared in the local paper a few years ago. I believe the game is still played in some parts of the country but a very diminished number of clubs.

    By W.H.Diment (17/10/2011)
  • Back Right Jack Lagdon who had the Laindon Butchers. Back Left is Joe Oliver? who was a goalkeeper and his daughter Christine went to Markhams Chase school. I think she still lives on Broomhills Estate.

    By Tony Collings (10/10/2011)

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