Laindon High Road School sportsmen

Taken November 1964

Basildon Standard November 1964

Were you in this Laindon High Road School team?

If so please provide us with more details

Standing in back row from left:

 1 Ralph Hayden 2 Stan Mortlock 3 Michael Sheehan 4 Doug Wood
 5 David McNally 6 Kevin Wood 7 Phil Long 8 Ron Petty
 9 Tony Beane10 Reg Card  

Front Row:

 1 David Briggs 2 Micky Mower 3 ___________? 4 Brian Gower
 5 Eric Pasco 6 Doug Merchant 7 David Merchant 

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  • I thought No 3 was Alan Eggleton but when I showed him the picture he said it wasn’t him.

    By Paul Sargeant (06/01/2015)
  • If my memory serves me well the picture was taken in the sports hall before the youth club moved to Nicholas School.  All these faces, where are you now?

    I have a picture of a trip to the Lake District about 63, with Miniken, Callahan and the coach driver who I believe to be the brother of one girl on the trip, haha.

    By Mick Mower (13/04/2014)
  • The fact that Reg Card is the coach in the photograph I tend to think this is not a Laindon High Road School team but a Youth Centre team.  

    By Bob Connell (09/04/2014)
  • The newspaper cutting clearly states November 1964 and the photograph was clearly taken in a sports hall, you can see the nets hanging in the background.

    By Ian Mott (08/04/2014)
  • Yes, nobody is disputing the date on the newspaper cutting or that its a sports hall.  We are just saying that group of lads would have left LHR in July 1964.

    By Richard Haines (08/04/2014)
  • Sorry David, cannot agree on that No 4 is Derek Wood and No 7 is Brian Long.

    If you make it on 24 May we can thrash this one out !!



    By Eric Pasco (07/04/2014)
  • I’m amazed that Eric can’t sort this picture out as this was his year and I recognise a lot of these, including Stan Mortlock, Micky Sheehan, Ron Petty, Micky Mower and Brian Gower with Eric next to him.

    If this is November 1964 then I am wondering why they are all still at school as most people then only went to the fifth year.  I seem to recall the guy No. 3 in the front row, but not his name.

    By Richard Haines (07/04/2014)
  • I’ve got it sorted Richard, however I think you are correct as most of us had left LHR by November 1964.  I had anyway, so do not know where this was taken or it was before 1964.

    No.3 in front row may be Alan? Eggleston and he lived in Devonshire Road.

    By Eric Pasco (07/04/2014)
  • A correction to the back row.  No 1. is Ralph Hayden,  2. Stan Mortlock, 3. Michael Sheehan, 4. Doug Wood, 5. David McNally, 6. Kevin Wood, 7. Phil Long, 8. Ron Petty,  9. Tony Beane,  10. Reg Card (only 10 in the row).  This copy of a paper cutting was sent to me by Stan Mortlock quite a few years ago. 

    By David Merchant

    By David Merchant (06/04/2014)
  • Back row no.7 is Kevin Wood. No.8 is Brian Long. I think the coach no.11 is possibly Reg Card.

    By Bob Connell (14/11/2013)
  • Back row no. 9 is Ron Petty

    By Eric Pasco (14/11/2013)
  • Here is a few names:Back Row;2 Ralph Hayden 3 Stan Mortlock 4 Micky Sheehan ? 5 Derek Wood 6 Dave Macnally 8 John? Long 9 Ron Petty

    Front Row:1 David Briggs 2 Micky Mower 4 Brian Gower 5 Eric Pasco 6 Doug Merchant 7 David Merchant.

    By Eric Pasco (13/11/2013)

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