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Our Final Days at Laindon High Road School

This photo of Mr. Cluffs class was taken in July 1962, on one of our final days at school. Some of the class having already left, your leaving date depended when your birthday was. Unfortunately, or is it fortunately there’s one person missing from the photo, I’m the one behind the camera. Three of the boys names I cannot remember, I hope the other names are all correct. One of the boys, 2nd from the left was foreign and didn’t speak much English; I think his name was Hassan. I hope one of you out there will remember their names.

Left to right

               ?         : Hassan ?:  Keith Bott: June Breedon:        ?: Rosemary Brand:  Linda Francis:  Judith Drewer:  Mr Cluff: Jean Suttle:  Peter Marshall:  Clive Jeakins:           ?

Pam Quarman

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  • May stand corrected here I understood Nobby J migrated to New zealand, Dunedin in the south can this be confirmed, he was a mate of mine in the earlier days of my time at LHR although a little older. I live in New Zealand north island

    By David McNally (26/07/2012)
  • Hello Julie, how nice to hear from you, and of course I remember you. After that week we worked at Carreras, I went to Wagners, until they closed. I then went to Bartons, where you were working with Fred, Margaret and Joyce. I’m pleased you liked the photo.

    By Pamela Quarman nee Atkins (18/03/2012)
  • Hi Pam, do you remember me? We started work together at Carreras, we only lasted a week. 

    I have just found this photo and could not believe that was me, where did all that hair come from!!! 

    I think I remember you coming to work at Barton’s Bakery for a while. I was there for six years icing cakes.

    Thank you for putting the photo on shame you are not on it.

    By Julie Rothwell(Judith Drewer) (15/03/2012)
  • Hi, I’ve just got an email back from my sister Pat Footer, she says thats not her in the photo, as she never wore glasses until she left school and never had black hair.

    By Jeff Footer (29/01/2012)
  • Good photo Pam, thanks for putting on. You were in my year, I would have been around when that was taken, I stayed on for another year of Mr Rees and left in 1963. Good shot of Nobby Jeakins here, cant say I knew many of the others except Rosemary Brand was friends with Pam Callow and I believe Jean Suttle had a brother named Keith. Nice summer photo in happy days!

    By Richard Haines (23/01/2012)

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