The Cubsters of Laindon

Back row Left to Right

 1 David Wiseman 2  Brian Philips 3  Phillip Sargeant 4  Paul Sargeant 5  Les Cowden
 6          ? 7 Stephen Petty 8 Graham Stickland

Front row

 9          ?10          ?11 Ken  Cowden12 Chris Harris13          ?

This photo was taken of the Cubs attached to St Nicholas Church sometime around 1958, meeting in the wooden hall off Pound Lane. The Cubsters were formed by Ken Cowden, on the banjo, with his son on drums and the rest playing bazookas. We just blew into the instruments, with tissue paper coming into it somewhere, to make a noise. I’m sure we used to practice in his house in Archer Road and played at local venues/social events raising money for charity. The only people I can remember are back row left to right David Wiseman, Brian Philips, Phillip Sargeant and Paul Sargeant.

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  • I joined the 2nd Laindon cub pack in 1958 then on to the 2nd Laindon scouts. They were great days and have a lot of good memories of that time. 2nd and 4th Laindon joined together to form 6th Laindon. I remember going on strike in protest (silly really but we were only 2). Had some good camps at Kingston Fridge (as it was so cold there).

    By Philip Powell (09/08/2016)
  • I was involved as ‘Kaa’ in the 6th Laindon Cubs (1973/75) who held their meetings in the wooden hut next to St Nicholas Church, I also had my 21st birthday party in that hall in May 1973. I wonder where that great bunch of boys are now ???

    By Peter Martin (07/08/2016)
  • What a fantastic photo of the Cubsters, memories are flooding back to me, I remember that we played at Billericay Hospital, some charity event. I remember that the scouts  were on stage  before us, after us the Nurses did a sketch behind a large net curtain singing (Doctor  I’m in trouble) funny how things stick in your mind.

    I also remember going to Les/Ken’s house  to practice.  I believe that Ken had his drum set in his front room. I wonder if you can still buy the Bazooka now, I think in those days it cost 6d.

    By Stephen Petty (03/07/2016)
  • Hi Stephen, I hope that you didn’t make the patients feel worse. Joking aside, do you remember any other “gigs”? As you know, I was never in the Cubs but I did love Scouts and I’m still a Leader. Happy days, fond memories.

    By Paul Stickland (03/07/2016)
  • I sure that no 12 is me Chris Harris, I remember it with fond memories.

    By Chris Harris (05/11/2013)
  • The Cubsters were part of the 2nd Laindon Cub Pack that meet in St. Nicholas Church Hall. The two Cubs standing on the far right are Stephen Petty and Graham Stickland. They both lived in Kings Road, Stephen at “Rakes Progress” in the unmade part of the road and Graham at “Kismet” in the made up part. The both attended Laindon Park School at the time of this photo.

    By Paul Stickland (12/09/2013)
  • Paul, Just to let you know Ken is the one on the drums, his dad was Les. Will send him a link to this page in case he has not been on the site.

    By David Merchant (07/08/2013)
  • A slight correction to the comment that the St.Nicholas Church Hall off Pound Lane was a wooden hut. It was built sturdily of concrete faced breeze and was a very popular venue for dances and other functions such as gymnastic classes, scout and cub meetings and concerts. The wooden Hall which stood close the church was burned down in the 1930’s.

    By W.H.Diment (05/08/2013)

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