Brian Reynolds - 1959-1960

Brian Reynolds
Brian Cordell
Brian Reynolds
Brian Cordell

This photo is of Brian Reynolds on his MkV111 KTT Velocette.  This was a factory bike with race history. Highly tuned and would only run properly on open megaphone.  Brian would use this for every day transport and take his girl friends out on it.  The noise was unbelievable, it use to run very uneven at low revs (this was called megaphoneitus) as I said before it made a LOT of noise. Not popular with the local police.

He was racing a Vincent down the A127 when the frame broke just below the head stock, he managed to bring it safely to a standstill, with his then girlfriend on the back.  He repaired the frame and sold the velocette buying a pre-war Ford van with the money.  I think current value of this bike is 40K, if only I knew that, then.

p.s. One of Gloria’s heart throbs.

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  • Hi. Linder nice to here from you red boots yellow laces and they think it’s all new. 

    Would love to get in touch with you yes I am married two boys two grand kids I will authorise the team to pass on my email address all the best for now.

    By Brian Cordell (22/08/2012)
  • Hi Brian (Cordell), Do you remember when Brian (Reynolds) and I got married in November 1963 you wore red bovver boots with yellow laces!! Ha Ha. 

    I can hardly believe it’s 49 years since that day. Our son Brian Timothy has three very beautiful daughters as you know. What a worry!! 

    I will come and see you one of these days. Did you marry? Best Wishes.

    By Linda Reynolds (21/08/2012)
  • Yes Lora-Jane he was a very handsome man and great fun too. He had a very Devil may care attitude. His bike was so noisy he was always getting chased by the local bobbies but they never caught him.

    Please remember me to him when you next see him.

    By Gloria Sewell (20/04/2012)
  • Thats my dad!!! Very hansom man. 🙂

    By Lora-Jane Reynolds (18/04/2012)
  • Hi, yes he was one of my heart throbs along with 4/5 others, you know what its like when your 16, I can’t recall if I was in love with the boys or their bikes. My poor patient schoolday’s boyfriend was always waiting in the wings. What I can recall is really great times. We biked just about everywhere. It would be nice to think that a few will meet up at Ken’s reunion and exchange some good memories, all I ask is if I don’t make it, not too many naughty ones please… Oh and I did marry the poor patient boyfriend.

    By Gloria Sewell (16/04/2012)

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