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I attended a school reunion at Laindon High Road School year uncertain maybe early 2000s? It was organised, I believe, by a Mr Paul Gibson? There I met one of my old form tutors Mr Burch, who said he remembered me, I can’t think why. There were several others that I remembered who knew me also, among them Valerie Boatwright (as was) who took the opportunity to rebuke me for a transgression I committed way back in primary school. I should like to appeal to Paul Gibson or anyone else with the ability or know how to do so, to organise another such reunion before it’s too late. I appreciate that this request may be somewhat cheeky, but anyone who knows me will also know I’ve been that way all my life. 

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  • I was pleased to be able to attend the meeting at Laindon library 26 Sept, where I met several interesting people. Andrea and Chris Ash, very pleasant company, Paul Gibson, who I probably could have chatted with for ages and a number of others whose names I have already forgotten. Blast old age, it’s not got a lot going for it. The person that surprised me most though was Ken Porter, he looks so much different to how I remembered him, mind you he was 16 or 17 at the time. Hope I can make it another time. 

    By Donald Joy (10/10/2015)
  • When the last pupils left the Laindon School in the spring of 2000. approx 250 former pupils who attended the school from 1961 to 1966 were invited to a  ’one last time’ reunion in the school hall with the caretaker giving conducted tours of the classrooms and buildings, a buffet and soft drinks were provided by our sponsors, this took place on the 7th July 2000. The property was then mothballed whist awaiting its fate

    A few years later I approached  the Education Authority for a rerun but by then the building had been left to deteriorate and had been so badly vandalised that we were denied its use, so we hired the Laindon Community Centre.  This reunion took place on 17th September 2011. Our guests that night were Ian and Patsy Mott from Laindon History who came along with some memorabilia and took notes of stories being told of days gone by.

    It was requested on the night that we hold another event in around 5 years and I am hopeful that this will be done in May 2016.

    With social media and the lists of previous attendees this should be a lot easier this time around. Help with admin and sponsorship would be most welcome perhaps we could extend the invitations to ex pupils of other years depending on size of the venue chosen any ideas?….Paul Gibson

    By Paul Gibson (14/09/2015)
  • Thanks Paul for your quick response. I, like yourself, hope also that a further reunion might happen in May. If it should then I will be only to happy to attend. Your question re. venue, any ideas? I am unable to suggest anywhere, as I have been resident outside the area for a number of years, so sorry on that one. I will keep my eyes peeled for any news of a possible get together as I am really keen to meet old acquaintances. 

    As an aside, you are I believe linked to Essex beds? Are you or were you linked to Sleeptime beds? I ask this because I saw somewhere one of their ads with the name Gibson handwritten on it. My interest stems purely from the fact that my son is employed by them. 

    By Donald Joy (14/09/2015)
  • In addition to the regular monthly Memory Days at Laindon Library, the Laindon Archive holds an Annual get-together/reunion at the Manor Mission around March/April.  This year, it was on 21st March.

    Many Laindoners from home and abroad treat this as a ‘Reunion’ to meet up with former school friends and neighbours. It includes a photographic exhibition, various memorabilia and merchandise plus refreshments (tea/coffee, home-made cakes and biscuits).

    The date is usually announced on the front page shortly after Christmas.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (13/09/2015)

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