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I along with many others, as this website proves, remember when Laindon was a place and not just a name or the name given to a district of a large characterless town. Until Laindon became integrated (swallowed up) into Basildon, residents knew where they lived and where the boundaries were. Not that it was important and probably not very precise at that time. My question is: does an actual boundary exist, if so does anybody know just where it is? I guess that it must start and finish somewhere. Whilst not vitally important, it is a subject that intrigues me and as such I should be pleased to learn whatever information anyone can share. My postal address was: Pound Lane, Laindon, Basildon, Essex, this distinguished it from the Pound Lane in Pitsea. I wonder if properties today still use Laindon as part of their address or rely solely upon the postcode. If they do still use it where do they cease to be in Laindon, as surely this must then be the boundary? Waffle over!

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  • Thank you for your lovely comments Don.

    By Brian Baylis (30/10/2015)
  • Brian, I appreciate your response, more so I appreciate the sentiment behind it. Even though I have not lived in Laindon for many years, I still think of myself as a Laindon boy and will forever continue to do so. I am proud and pleased to say that I lived in Laindon when it really was Laindon, when it was a real community, when it was a great place for our generation to grow up in. A safe environment, where there was entertainment laid on and where we made our own entertainment in all manner of ways. While times and conditions may have been tough, we all survived and became stronger for it. Not just physically but in our minds, as all Laindoners I have ever met have great strength of character and spirit. Ask any old Laindoner where they come from, wherever in the world, they will tell you Laindon. Ask any Basildonian the same question, and apart from those forced out of Laindon by the BDC, you will get many many different answers. So yes Brian, I completely understand your sentiment of always being a Laindon boy, as I feel exactly the same. I imagine, and hope that many others hold that same feeling in their hearts. Pride and memories, things to cherish. Don. 

    By Donald Joy (26/10/2015)
  • I was born and lived in Tyler Avenue, Laindon, Essex and will NEVER call it Basildon. Laindon will always be so to me, please or offend.

    By Brian Baylis (25/10/2015)

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