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The pleasures of editing the website

As the editor I have the pleasure of reading the articles submitted before they are published. I do not usually change the articles unless there is something that could be insulting or where there is foul language, however I do try to pick up any typing errors, as it appears that the contributors to the site come to life early in the morning or late at night, and at these times of day it is easy to hit the wrong key or miss it all together, at least that is my excuse.

This can at times lead me into correcting errors that I should not. I have however an advantage as editor of a website over editors of publications in that I can when my over zealous corrections are pointed out make the appropriate adjustments.

I have had some interesting communications with contributors and at times found out additional interesting facts and stories. A good example of this happened this morning. Yesterday I published an article from John Bathurst about the Parkinson Brothers and when reading it through I noticed he had indicated that two Norfolk lads working on the Link were lodging in Basil Drive. I incorrectly assumed this to be Basildon Drive and made a correction. I received the following email this morning pointing out my error.

Reading through the edited version as now published, I see my reference as to where the two Norfolk tractor drivers lodged has got extended from Basil Drive to Basildon Drive. Never mind! It was always happening in the days before Basil Drive was obliterated!  We, the residents of Basil Drive, off Tyler Avenue, were forever finding people wandering about in a dazed condition in “our” road when they should have been in Basildon Drive or even Basildon Road or Rise. On one occasion, because we had a double swing in our garden and our kids had left a lot of their toys lying about on the lawn, this young woman came to our door with several small children in tow saying, “Thank goodness I’ve found the nursery at last! I’ve been wandering about looking for you for hours.” My wife had to disabuse her and explain that the place she was looking for was in Basildon Drive. When she realised just how far away that was and how far she would have to walk with her screaming brats, she wasn’t too greatly pleased!

This little aside brings the archive to life and makes it worth me making mistakes.

I will try not to make you do too much work by correcting non-existent errors, but if I do please just email me at one of the addresses given below and I will make any necessary adjustments.
I will also modify and add photographs to your existing article if they come to light after submission.

I have one last item which is a plea to some of the younger members of our community.  Remember what is happening today is your children’s history, lets us record how you see the changes to the community before the events become distant memories.

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  • Thank you Ian for correcting my mistakes spelling was something I was never any good at. Just shows you writing a word out 50 time did’nt help at all.

    Jean you are assuming that I can spell! My excuse is that I am an Engineer and we are known for our bad spelling. (Thank goodness for spell checkers)

    By Jean Pattle (24/05/2011)
  • You are so sweet Ian not to say that people like me that can’t spell very well thank you so much for the work you put in on our behalf

    By Gloria Sewell (23/05/2011)

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