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I have made a change to the layout of the Discover our Community page to try and make it a little more inviting. I have created the section images where I have been unable at this stage to find a suitable photograph but will change them as I find something suitable.
I would appreciate your comments as this is your website and how the community sees it is important.
A number of our contributors are new to computing and if I can be of help in ensuring that their articles appear as they want them please let me know either when submitting the article in a foot note or as a separate email.
I am also more than happy to make any changes you request to a published article such as adding extra details, making corrections when additional information comes to light or adding photographs that you find at a later date. Just email the information and details of the article to which it applies and I will do the rest.
I have a request to our readers – can you please help me to locate the History of our community after the 1970’s as it appears that that a considerable number of us and our children continue to live in the community and they do not think they are part of its history.
PS I am writing my memories and trying to persuade my children, now in their 40’s
Many thanks 

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  • My daughter informs me it could have been the Canvey carnival they won, but they were in the Basildon one’s. I will have to research a tad more, any help out there please Gloria..

    By Gloria Sewell (17/06/2011)
  • My twins were in the Laindon Yellow Birds majorette group who won the best majorettes in the Basildon carnival around about 1980. I have lots of photos and an artical to write about them as soon as I can. In the meantime if anyone else has any memories of them perhaps they will help jog my memory. Thank you Gloria

    By Gloria Sewell (15/06/2011)

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