Laindon High Road School (THE END )

May/June 2007

Nothing to Add, images speak for themselves??

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  • Memories of the school. Mr Partridge and Miss Maloy.

    I just looked up to see how the old school was. I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s been knocked down, but I’m still both surprised and disappointed.
    I remember every inch of it, looked at the photos and every corner had a memory.
    I left there in 1980.
    I remember a Mr Partridge…..wasn’t he the teacher who ran a lunchtime club, listening in to aircraft chatter, upstairs in one of the art classrooms ?
    He was a nice man. I’ve been struggling to remember names of teachers….they’re all on the tip of my tongue. The only one that springs to mind, is a Miss Maloy. She was the RE teacher, in one of the temporary classrooms over on the far left, about 100 yards in, as if you were to enter through the main gate.
    I’ve ended up spending the last 20 years in Further Education, funny how things turn out!
    All things change. D. Jenner

    By D Jenner (29/10/2020)
  • Just looked up Laindon high road school and so very sad to see that it has been demolished! I started there in 1955/6 and my first teacher was Miss Jolliman, who smoked like a trooper with nicotine stained fingers. I remembered teachers, Bear, Anthony, Gay, Cluff, Miniken, Miss Thomas, who took PE, and I boast I was always captain of the netball team for many years! I remember Coral Hewitt, John Sargent, Terry Venables Christine Honness, Gloria Hudson, Christine Bonniface, Keith Moore, Val Townsend and many more faces alas not their names. I have seen a comment from Gloria Sewell, I know that name!
    Josie Hurley nee Hunt

    By Josie Hurley nee Hunt (23/01/2019)
  • Yes would love another reunion. I was there from 1955.
    Missed the last one!
    Josie Hurley nee Hunt

    By Jo Hurley (23/01/2019)
  • We need another reunion for all pupils. I mean all.

    By D MacDonald (08/09/2018)
  • Photo quality – 10      

    Subject matter – 0

    By Donald Joy (15/09/2015)
  • This school was, together with the Laindon Hotel, one of the hubs of Laindon. Is this what it’s all about since the Basildon Development Corporation started to destroy our community, are they so ashamed now of what they have done to our town that they have decided to wipe away any memories left. Hard luck Basildon with sites like this, no chance, your “pillage and carnage” of people’s memories and life will be recorded forever.

    The very sad thing is it’s still happening why is this being allowed. I now hear that what we always called “the open spaces” is under threat by developers. Is there no way this monster can be stopped. I’m sorry I am too old to worry about saying the wrong thing but who is getting rich from all this carnage, it’s not local people I know. Goodness how I wish I was younger and fitter. 

    I am now going through reports on endangered species in and around the “Green Lung” area in the hopes these latest plans to attack the area by the powers that be can be stopped. It’s Great when great great grandkids have ask their mums “what’s a bird”.

    By Gloria Sewell (29/02/2012)
  • I intentionally drove to where the school once stood on Tuesday of this week while in the area, and took some photos to send to my brother, who had no idea that the school had been ripped down. Strange how money speaks many languages?

    By Brian Baylis (24/02/2012)
  • So sad to see out lovely school being demolished. Would be nice if we could have a school reunion for us in our seventies who attended the school in the fifties, before its too late, we seem to have so many memories.

    By Jean Pattle (09/01/2012)
  • What a terrible shame such a lovely school many happy memories there. We are having school reunion on Saturday 17th September at Laindon Community hall 8pm for those born 1947-53

    Editor: There is limit on the numbers so you must contact Paul Gibson on the following numbers to let him know if you wish to attend, as if you just turn up you may be turned away

    Day Time 01268 289303 or 07976 283203

    By Keith Nock (13/09/2011)

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