LHR School Sports Day Results 1959

A few years ago, for my own records, I took a photocopy of the Laindon High Road School 1959 sports day results which appeared in the Times & Recorder.  The sports days and the four house teams have recently become of interest to a few former pupils.  Therefore I have pleasure in publishing the results page.

The nine records are listed, starting with the 220 yards which Terry Venner won in 25 seconds  knocking ·8 of a second off the previous record, followed in second place by Alan Castle.   Only one girl, Gail Miller, broke a record by winning the 150 yards sprint in 17·8 seconds, knocking 1·7 seconds off the previous record of 18·1 seconds.

The names of the first four places in each event are listed although only the initial and surname is shown.  However, I’m sure many of us will recognise who they were.

At the end of the report, the results of the Senior Boys Relay seems to be missing.  Maybe that was on an adjoining page which I didn’t notice at the time of photocopying.

I plan to publish results from a few more years, but it may take a little time.

Click on the link below to access a PDF larger version of this newspaper cutting.

LHR School Sports 1959
Basildon Times & Recorder

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  • What a memory jerker this is !!!!  I have found myself as coming 2nd in the slow cycle race !!!  My only claim to fame, and they have spelt my surname wrong, putting Sarface instead of Sarfas !!!!  Never mind I was so proud of my “Pink Witch” bike so forgive them for the spelling error   lol!!!!! Someone told me once that there was a movie film of part of the sports day and apparently, I was on it poking my tongue out, that certainly sounds like me.  Kind regards Joan (Sarfas)  

    By Joan Baterip (16/06/2017)
  • I agree with Joan and Richard, these results do spark up the memory cells.  I can sense the electric atmosphere that was created as the sprinters rounded the curve to the sound of the shouting and cheering of the excited spectators.  Lovely times.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (16/06/2017)
  • Nina, thanks so much for researching these sports day events for 1959. So many familiar names on here, Terry Venner and Alan Castle really setting the tracks alight that day. I noticed so many of my schoolmates names on this list. Lesley Cousins and Mary Baker stood out as well as Vanessa Crew and Veronica Bridges. I also saw Brian Stepney, Derek Higgs, Robert Riggs, Jeff Wall and many others. One thing I had forgotten were the model aircraft which flew in the early evening, their owners thrilling the crowds with their skills. What a brilliant athlete Terry Venner (Hillsmen) was, tall, elegant and a clear leader. I remember him coming round the curve on that 220 yard race, closely followed by Alan Castle (Plainsmen) who I was screaming for to win. We now need the missing page to see the mile winners (if indeed they are on there). Such a happy day, followed for me a few weeks later, by a brilliant hot summer holiday in Seaton, Devon.

    By Richard Haines (15/06/2017)

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