Westley Road Langdon Hills VE Day Party

Photograph and names provided

 1 Mary Clark’s Cousin 2 Valary Album 3 Mrs  Earl 4 Phyllis Earl
 5 ? 6 ? 7 Phyllis Hickson 8 Merle Buckingham
 9 Mrs Lowe10 Tony Fowler11 Mrs Parker12 Ron Herbert
13 Stan Haws14 Ted Hogben15 ?16 Mr J Cottis
17 Mr Ernie Clark18 Tom Brown19 Ellen Burr20 Nell Burr
21 David Skeets or Denis Cave22 Mr Sid Cave23 Mrs Ada Cave24 ?
25 Terrence Doubleday26 Mrs Doubleday née Florence Burr27 ?28 Mrs Brown
29 ?30 Edna Herbert31 ?32 Mrs Dean
33 ?34 Vera Hawes35 Doreen Hawes36 Margaret Leg
37 Mrs Burr (Senior)38 Guy Dressed as Hitler & burnt later39 Maureen Burr40 ?
41 John Cave42 Margaret Burr43 May Burr44 David Album (Aldbury?)
45 ?46 Valerie Aldbury47 Joan Pack48 David Album

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  • No 25 is Terry Doubleday not Burr, his mothers maiden name was Burr, married name Doubleday.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (02/07/2012)

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