Markhams Chase Primary School

Looks like a sports day

Steve White

In the Back ground

1 Linda Barker ?2 Jean Steer3 Mary Atwood ?

Back Row

1 David Tourle ?2 _______?3 Phillip Ashton ?4 ? Blackwell?5 Terry Reynolds?

Middle Row

1 Alan Shotter2_______?3_______?4 Ray Arthey5_______?6_______?

Front Row

1 Michael Clarke?2 Phillip Charsley ?3 Keith Gardiner4______?5 Steve White6 Michael Turner ?7 David Martin?

I can’t name many of those in the photograph, but I am sure others will. I am in the front row hand on nose, others are M Turner, Keith List, Raymond Arthey, Phillip Charsley (of shoe shops),Terry Reynolds and Jean Steer centre background

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  • I am No. 3 in the front. My name is not Keith List but Keith Gardiner.

    Close friends of mine in this photo are Raymond Arthey and Alan Shotter.

    By Keith Gardiner (14/03/2015)
  • I think the boy behind me is Ray Arthey, middle row No. 4.

    By Steve White (14/03/2015)
  • Back row No. 5, I think is Terry Reynolds I am still in contact with him.

    By Steve White (14/03/2015)
  • I think No 7 in the front row is David Martin. He also appears on Page 9 of the 1958 long photo No. 55.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (16/09/2013)
  • Hi Steve Sorry to have been so long in making a comment about your photograph taken at Markhams Chase field around 1951 or 1952. I have the female version of this photo and remember Miss Pike taking it one summer term day. Think we were just out side for reading groups as the weather was so good. The 3 background girls are I think 1. Linda Barker 2 Jean Steer 3 Mary Attwood and in my copy we have 3 of your group peeping into our picture. I think in your back row 1 is David Tourle 3 ? Phillip Ashton 4 ? Blackwell. I am not sure of any in the middle row but in the front row row think 1 may be Michael Clarke 2 possibly Phillip Charsley 3 Keith List and 6 ? Michael Turner. 

    I had not realised you Steve were around in those days as I only remember meeting you through your brother John when I was much older. Think the only boy that took my eye in those days was Michael Turner by the way!!

    By Ann Rugg nee Bullimore (09/12/2012)
  • Dear Steve, I am fairly sure that the kid number 1 in middle row is myself – pulling a face! I have no memory of the event but the face of that boy matches very well the pictures I have of myself at about the same age. Best wishes, Alan Shotter

    By Alan Shotter (16/11/2012)

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