Markhams Chase Sports Day

A lovely looking bunch

Sports Day at Markhams Chase School 23 June 1951
Jose Morris

This picture says it all, place, time and date. 

Hope some one can remember some of the lovely kids in the picture  from Primary School days that I remember.

Of course I am there  on the back row Jose Bowen now Morris.

Hope some of you can remember the day, if not I hope this will help you to remember.

What a bunch of kids!!!!!

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  • I joined the site about a month ago but only picked up this photograph last week and was surprised to see me sitting there, the first lad in the second row. I was only at Markhams Chase for just under a year but much of that year has remained in my memory. However, like Pat Aspinall I can’t recall this photograph being taken nor can I recognise anyone but I can remember 4 names in particular, Reggie Daniels, Marion Devine, Peter Clayton and Jean Furlong. They all signed my autograph book on our last day 26th July 1951. So just 33 days after this photograph was taken, we all went our separate ways.

    Derrick Harwood

    By Derrick Harwood (21/02/2014)
  • Sorry I have not visited this site for a long time, so am very behind with the articles, but am thoroughly enjoying catching up. 

    Re the above photograph, I was surprised to see myself on the front row third from the right, blonde hair! I do not remember this being taken, but then I have very few memories of my early schooldays, except I enjoyed my time at Markhams Chase. I looked but couldn’t see my friend Colleen Crawley on this photo, in those days we were practically joined at the hip! 

    Must just mention here that I appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into this web site, maybe I can come up with some info shortly. Pat Aspinall née Brooker.

    Editor: We look forward to all contributions to the site

    By Pat Aspinall (22/02/2013)

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