Markham's Chase Young Pupils

Three photos taken at Markham’s Chase School during the time my future wife’s, who appears in all of them, was there. A date on the back of the second photo is 20 July 1960 but not sure of when the other two were taken.

Picture 1

Teacher: Miss Wheatcroft

Back Row, from left

 1 Stephen Watts 2 __________ 3_________ 4 _________
 5 Howard Austin 6 Roy Stratton 7 David Bishop? 8 _________
 9 Keith Smeaton10__________11 Stephen Schroder12 Derek Callow?
13 Deck Hayden

Middle Row, from left

14 Jill Pasco15 Teddy Llewellyn16_________17_________
23 Daphne Oughton24_________25_________26_________
27__________28 Steve Frankham

Front Row, from left

29 _________30_________31_________32 Gladys Llewellyn
33 Alan Turbard34_________35_________36_________
37_________38 Chris North39 Richard Treble40_________

Picture 2

Back Row

 1 Cathy ? 2 Irene Robinson 3 Christine Bloomfield 4 Lesley Kruss
 5 Susan Musgrove

Middle Row

 6 Carol Metcalfe 7 Patricia Sharpe? 8__________ 9 Pauline Doodes
10 Gillian Schroder11 Jill Pasco

Front Row

12 ? Wray or ? Curry13 Margaret Dutch14_________15 Lisa Taylor?
16 Margaret ? 17 Daphne Oughton

Picture 3

Back Row

 1 Stephen Drewer 2 _________ 3_________ 4_________
 5_________ 6 _________ 7_________ 8_________

Front Row

12_________13_________14_________15 ________
16_________17 Richard Treble18_________19_________
20 Alan Turbard21_________22_________23_________


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  • Only just seen this but hope I have filled in a few blanks
    Picture No 1
    6)Roy Stratton 7)David Bishop ? 9)Keith Smeaton
    1) Stephen Watts 28) Steve Frankham 38)Chris North 11) Stephen Schroder,13) Deck Hayden
    This must be an early picture of this year. I am disappointed I can’t remember any more , I think 12 is Derek Callow

    By Roy Stratton (20/12/2022)
  • I’ve only just discovered this website and am stunned to discover my young self in a couple of these pictures. In picture #1, I am third from the right in the front row (#39) and in picture #3 I am sixth from the left (#17) with a cymbal held in front of my face. From the look of me, these two pictures must have been taken around 1957’ish. I’m pretty sure that #20 in picture #3 and #33 in picture #1 is my then best friend Alan Turbard. Thank you so much for reviving these memories.

    By Richard Treble (30/12/2021)
  • Picture 2 No. 6 – I think is Carol Metcalf,  No. 9 is myself Pauline Doodes and No 16 is Margaret ? (I forget her surname).

    By Pauline Pearson (13/09/2015)
  • Correction on my numbering 11 Jill Pasco 12 ? Wray or Curry 13 Margaret Dutch 15 Lisa Taylor ?

    By Eric Pasco (30/10/2012)
  • Additional names for the 2nd photo 1.Cathy ? 2. Irene Robinson 3.Christine Bloomfield4. Lesley Kruse 5. Susan Musgrove 7.Patricia Sharpe? 10 Definitely Gillian Schroder 11. ? Wray or ?Curry 12.Margaret Dutch 14. Lisa Taylor? Thanks to my sister who is visiting Oz. Dave Merchant ..can Daphne add any more detail to these names

    By Eric Pasco (29/10/2012)
  • Hello David, In the third photo – number 1 is my brother Stephen Drewer, he and I both think that it is him.

    By Julie Rothwell(Judith Drewer) (18/03/2012)
  • Second photo no 12 in the front row I think is Lynn Curry.

    By Judith Rothwell (nee Drewer) (11/03/2012)
  • First photo no 5 is Howard Austin,No 14 Jill Pasco,23 Daphne Oughton Second Photo NO 11 Jill Pasco,No 17 Daphne Oughton, No 10 I think is Gillain Schroder. Recognise many more but no names come to mind.Will have to contact my sister Jill who will know more of them.

    By Eric Pasco (13/11/2011)
  • Hi Nina, I remember Charlie Llewellyn from Markhams Chase, I think he had only one good arm, the other a prosthetic? Have been trying to think of his name for a while and you have jogged the cells.

    Editor: I have altered the page to allow the names to be added. I hope I have got them correct.

    By Eric Pasco (08/11/2011)
  • Teddy Llewellyn is No. 16. not No. 3.

    Editor: Thanks Nina, I will see if we can improve on this photograph

    By Nina Burton (08/11/2011)
  • I think the teacher is Miss Wheatcroft. She is also in the photo in the article “Markhams Chase Teachers 1956” where Ann Rugg has also named her as Miss Wheatcroft.

    By Nina Burton (08/11/2011)
  • Hi David. In the first photo I recognise the twins Gladys and Teddy Llewellyn. Gladys is fourth from left in the front row. Her brother Teddy is in the row behind her just to her left. They lived in Devonshire Road not far from me. They had an older brother called Charley and another called Freddy who was the same age as me and in my class.

    By Nina Burton (06/11/2011)
  • Hi David, I recognise your wife Daphne Oughton and right behind her is my sister Jill

    By Eric Pasco (06/11/2011)

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