Does anyone recall this bungalow?

In the 1950s until compulsory purchase the Cavanagh family owned a plotlands bungalow somewhere near the railway in Laindon.

It was called “Shaston”.

Does anybody know exactly where it was?

Andrew Papworth
Andrew Papworth
Andrew Papworth

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  • This looks just like my nan and grandad’s bungalow in Elizabeth Drive their land went up to the railway line and we used to look down on the railway like the railway children.

    By Irene Squirrell nee Dockrell (17/11/2012)
  • Thanks very much Nina Humphrey. I’ll follow up your information. I’m very grateful.

    By Andrew Papworth (31/08/2012)
  • Great photos.  The bungalow ‘Shaston’ was south of the railway line. Situated in Marlboro Road which ran south from Salisbury Road to Northcote Road, just north of Norview Crescent. This is known as ‘Golden Hill’ and is now part of the Langdon Nature Reserve. I hope this helps.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (30/08/2012)

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