Memory Day at the Library 29th July 2017

Group of friends.
Colin Humphrey

Another happy gathering at Laindon Library this morning.  Twenty two people attended and spent two hours enjoying each other’s company while sharing stories and memories.

Ladies in the photo (maiden names), left to right: Patsy Tyler, Valerie Theobald, Helen Brown, Maureen Card, Nina Burton, Christine Honess and Ann Bullimore.  The two fella’s at the back are Alan Newman on the left (husband of Maureen Card and Peter Short on the right (husband of Christine Honess). 

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  • An irrelevant comment I know, but it was just nice to see the name Lesley Cousins (as was) pop up. It was nice because it’s a person I can identify with.

    By Donald Joy (15/08/2017)
  • I can confirm that it is my cousin Peter Short.  He lived in Corona Road with his sister Rosalie and brother John (sadly no longer with us). Roger Short our cousin, also lived in Corona Road.

    By Lesley GIbson nee Cousins (14/08/2017)
  • Looking at the line up in the picture taken on the memory day of 29th of July, I couldn’t help wondering (as I was unable to attend) if the picture of Peter Short is the same Peter Short I knew, who grew up in Corona Road, Langdon Hills? Is there any way of confirming this. Also is Maureen Card the daughter of Tommy Card who had a fried fish and chip shop?

    I did some work in his daughter’s home in Billericay some (or did Tommy have more then one daughter?) years ago and saw some photos of Tommy Card on a sideboard in the lounge and made the connection. At the time I wasn’t aware who the lady was.

    Editor. Maureen is the daughter of Tom Card the fish monger and she does have a sister.

    By Robert Springate (02/08/2017)

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