Nurse Trickey

my mum

Some of you may know her. I think she was well known by the mothers of the Laindon, Essex area for bringing into the world a few babies!!!!!! She even brought into the world my son (her grandson) while we had a visit to England. I’m so glad she did.

Hope some of you can remember her.

My Mum - nurse Trickey
Jose Morris née Bowen

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  • Hi Jo, or as I knew you Jose!
    I have just come across this posting and just had to respond. I remember your Mum extremely well as she often visited my home on Roberts Road in Laindon. She tended my mother who had had several pioneering back surgeries in the early ‘50’s. On their initial meeting they discovered they had both trained at the same nursing hospital in the east end of London, Plastow I believe, but not at the same time. My mother was a midwife and district nurse in Surrey before marrying and raising her family. This connection established maintained a lasting friendship with frequent exchanges of stories and experiences over many cups of tea. Needles to say I was never privy to those gatherings! They maintained their friendship for awhile, by mail, after my parents moved to West Sussex but eventually lost touch. My mother passed away in July of 1996 at the age of 88. So, yes I remembered your Mum, you and your brother “Tiger” and as you say these are happy memories of our young lives. I do remember when you left for Australia, I emigrated to Canada in 1970 but relocated to USA in 1999. Hope you receive this epistle and it finds you and your family happy and healthy. Best regards

    By Barbara Aubry née Lee-Smith (08/01/2019)
  • Hi Jo. 

    I remember your mother very well. She delivered me into this world at 6 King Edward Terrace.  She always waved out to me as she drove around Laindon at, what seemed then, excessive speed!! I live in New Zealand now so we are neighbours again in a sense!!

    Kind Regards.  Bill Lewis

    By Bill Lewis (23/05/2015)
  • Just got through reading the lovely things you all have put about Mum, better known as Nurse Trickey. It all seems another life time ago but on reading these things, it only seems like yesterday. I do still miss her although it has been a long time ago that I saw her, 2 years before she passed away at the age of 84 in the 80s as I now live in Australia and went back to see Mum for a holiday.  She was still driving her car but not the little Morris!!!!  Thank God for those days on the King Edward Estate.  Regards to all, Jo.

    By Jo Morris (20/05/2015)
  • Also remember your mum Jo, I was ironing in the kitchen at 68 Victoria Road expecting my 3rd child when she arrived. She soon turfed me out of there and I had a son 2 hours after she arrived at 10.55am. She was a quick worker.

    By Len/Stella Boret (31/08/2013)
  • I do so remember young mum. My brother Bob was born in hospital, but me my brother Chris and myself were delivered by your mum at home in Devonshire Road. My brother Martin at home at Dowland Walk. 

    As it happens your mum named me. She handed me to mum saying here’s your Jennifer Jane, and that’s me.

    By Jenny Smith (21/10/2012)
  • Hi Jo. Great photo of mum. I still remember mum going around Laindon in her little Moray car, if I remember rightly her’s was grey.

    When I became pregnant with my eldest son, I was only 18 and was told to visit mum at the Bristow Rd Clinic, I was petrified as I was at school with you and did not know how she would take it, me being married at such a young age, at least then it was. I went with my Aunty Eileen who had just come out of the army. I was so scared, but as soon as I got there she was so kind to me and told me where to go for my free orange juice, vitamins etc and advised me to go and arranged my first visit to antinatal at St Andrews Hospital. She even, as David was in the army got me the forms to claim for an Army wife’s pay I got £3 a week. 

    After Tony was born she was there to help me through the first weeks good at her job, the best Jo and fondly remembered by me and I am sure hundreds of other Laindoners of that time.

    I must add it was no easy job then to be a nurse with so many unmade roads in and around Laindon did they earn their wage they sure did. I bet you are well proud of your mum Jo.

    By Gloria Sewell (01/06/2012)
  • Hi Jo, I remember your mum Nurse Trickey in the early fifties. I believe she drove a little Morris car. She lived in Bushy Mead where she undertook some treatments including my Nan’s, (Jessica Devine) monthly B12 injection for pernicious anaemia. I sat and waited in her living room, while she took Nan to another room for her jab. She was a jolly lady, always cheerful and was well known and appreciated by Laindoners.

    Best wishes

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (30/05/2012)
  • Hi Jo, I also remember your Mum very well. In 1948 she brought my younger brother Christopher into this world. She was a great friend of my mums, as she was with all my aunts. I also remember you well as I was a regular visitor to your house in Bushy Mead as Ernie (Tiger) was my best friend up until the time we moved from Railway Approach to Billericay. Great to hear from you

    By Colin Ferrier (30/05/2012)
  • Yes Nurse Trickey (how professional she looks in that uniform) and Nurse Broom were well known to my mum as they helped her through with my two younger brothers Robert (born December 1958) and Christopher (born May 1961). The boys were both born in Billericay hospital but our Laindon nurses helped mum before and after the events. We were quite a tribe eventually with myself and brother Philip (born June 1947 and January 1955 respectively at Upney Hospital, Barking) making up the rest of the family. Thanks Nurse Trickey, still in mum’s memory to this day.

    By Richard Haines (30/05/2012)

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