Maps showing the location of Nightingale Farm

The maps below show the location of Nightingale Farm in Lee Chapel Lane.

BDC survey map - 1949
Ordnance Survey
Google Earth image with 1949 survey map superimposed
Googel Earth / Ordnace Survey
Google Earth Image
Google Earth

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  • I lived in Lee Chapel Lane at the time and don’t remember anything being said about it having been demolished illegally. But it was a traditional looking old farmhouse and I don’t know how it was allowed to happen. The land was then used as a sort of depot by the team building the new road.

    By Chris Ryan (19/12/2021)
  • I read somewhere that Nightingale Farm was wrongly pulled down. Is there any truth to this? Just curious.

    By Linda Poultney (24/12/2019)

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