Gransden - Arterial Road (A127)

The following enquiry was recently received from Margaret Payne. “In 1958 I visited a great uncle who lived in Gransden, Arterial Road, Laindon. Do you know what happened to that house/bungalow?  I can’t find it on Google Earth.”

 So I got to work and enjoyed doing a bit of research.

The Basildon Development Corporation 1949 survey map shows Gransden as Plot no. 207 – situated on the south side of the Arterial (A127) east of the Fortune of War roundabout. Shown as just over an acre in size with a water course of some kind running along its boundary.  Next to it was some waste ground and then ‘Sharon’,  Plot No. 206.   Plot No. 208 on the other side of Gransden is described as waste ground. Plots 199 to 205 are also described as waste land.  The description is on a page headed  ‘Ashleaves Avenue’, but has omitted to add that Arterial Road plots start at the bottom of the page.  The description shows Gransden was made from brick and tiles, had five rooms and was in ‘good’ condition.   I note to the right of the description the word ‘shop’ is written in the remarks column.  Residents in 1949 accordingly to the Electoral Register were Bert P and Caroline E Bailey plus Percy Vincett.  The 1952 telephone directory lists Percy A Vincett living in ‘Gransden’, Arterial Road, Laindon. Tel No. Laindon 2436. The 1959 Electoral Register lists Gransden under Arterial Road (A127) and shows only Percy Vincett in residence.

It is assumed that Gransden was demolished in the early 60s along with many other properties to make way for new development. From the overlay maps printed below, it would appear that Gransden would have stood within the wooded area which is now  at the side of the Arterial (A127).

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  • Hi, I don’t know if this helps but, I knew a lady by the name of Ann Payne, this is her married name, though I never knew her husband.

    She worked as a cleaner at Fords Dunton and had a son whose name is Stephen, who also worked as a cleaner at Dunton.

    By paul russell (28/01/2021)
  • My husband’s parents Bert and Caroline Bailey lived in the railway carriage at Gransden and Don, they are the family who lived next door to you in Pound Lane. I’m not sure why they ended up living in the railway carriage. They previously lived in Cosy Nook, Elizabeth Drive. Mr J Birch, Carol never married Owen Jones although they were all mates.

    By Ros Bailey (24/08/2018)
  • Hi, I am an old Laindoner. I am almost sure that a “Carol Bailey” was a one-time girl friend of mine, way back in the early 60s, and lived in Pound Lane. If memory serves she had a brother John and other siblings (I seem to remember her mum caused quite a stir by having a “Change of life” baby).
    I think Carol married a guy that lived almost opposite her in Pound Lane, one Owen Jones Esq: (“Slim” to his biker buddies, of which I was one way back in the late 50s).
    Changing tack, your surname is Payne? Have you a relative named Malcolm? Probably in his mid-70s, old Laindoner? The last I heard he lived in the Portsmouth area, but that was long ago, in the late 60s?
    I still see some of my biker buddies from those far off days, life was a lot simpler then, regards, J.B.

    By Mr.J.W.Birch (17/07/2018)
  • Don. I am certain you are right and your neighbours were that same couple. My research shows that Bert Pearce Bailey was born 2nd February 1910 in West Ham. The 1939 Register describes Bert Bailey as a ‘plumber’ but doesn’t give his exact address although it appears to have been in the Basildon area. Bert married Caroline E Humberstone in Brentwood 1941. The 1949 Electoral Register shows Bert and Caroline living at the same address as Percy Vincett i.e., ‘Gransden’, Arterial Road, Laindon. The 1968 Electoral Register shows Bert and Caroline living at 4 Pound Lane, Laindon. Bert died aged 59 in 1969, in the registration district of ‘Brentwood’.
    Finding an exact connection between these people could be very difficult, although maybe there is somebody still around who knows the answer.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (12/07/2018)
  • I don’t know if it’s of relevance to this enquiry but it might be worth exploring ? I lived at 6 Airey Houses, Pound Lane, Laindon, next door at number 4 lived the Bailey family. The father was called Bill and sometimes Bert, the mother was known to us as Carrie, which I assume is derived from Caroline ? Maybe this will help, hopefully so

    By Donjoysmith (12/07/2018)
  • Nina, thank you so much, it really is of help, I’ve been pondering that question for years, I should have contacted you sooner. Great Uncle Percy died in November 1959 so he just made it to the Electoral Register that year, now I shall have to find out who Bert and Caroline Bailey were!

    My brother thinks there was a railway carriage in the ‘garden’ but I don’t remember that.

    Thanks again

    By Margaret Payne (07/07/2018)

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