Westley Cricket 1956

First of all I must introduce myself; my name is Brian Cunningham and my family and I moved down to Langdon Hills in 1950; from London like many others.  We lived at number 17 St. David’s Road. My elder brother Glen, who appears in some of the pictures, went on in later life to play for the club.  I think that at one time most of the players that formed Westley club had played for the Langdon Hills club on the Crown Hill, but there was a schism. What I first remember about the club is clearing the ground of many stones while watching my father, along with many others, build the
pavilion. How long this all took I cannot remember since I was quite young at the time.

These pictures are of the opening cricket match against Westcliff cricket club where Trevor Bailey bowled the first ball. Richard Cunningham, that is my father, was one of the founder members of the club; he played for them until his early 50s.  I did play for the team a few times, but only when they could not find anyone else.  I will attach a note to each photograph where I can, but it would be interesting to know if anyone else can throw any light on the day.

Listening to the speeches while my brother Glen waits for them to end so he can get autographs on his cricket bat. [He is the boy with cap on, and that’s me next to him]
The girls with the flowers are Clark (sorry don’t remember her first name), and Jackie Cook and my brother is getting in on the act again. His pullover was made especially for the match; Mum worked through the wee hours getting it ready for the day. What fashion statement … forget about the pretty dresses !!
A picture of the spectators. Unfortunately I do not recognise any faces. Hope this is of help to other people.
A view from Cow Corner.
Autograph hunters. Rosemary Warren in the middle; she lived in St Davids Road.
Trevor Bailey being introduced to the team by the captain Len Warren and shaking the hand of Dr Goldacre
Trevor Bailey bowled the first ball and it looks like Westcliff are batting.
Back row Johnnie Simson, Unknown, Unknown ,Len Warren, Unknown, Trevor Bailey, Richard Cunningham, Dale Ratcliff, Unknown, Seymour Nurse Cardew Robinson, Dr. Goldacre Harry Hill, Peter Mahony

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  • There is a gap between the spectators, and the lady watching in sandals is my cousins wife Joan Cave.
    Next to her is my cousin Dennis Cave, Joans husband, next to Dennis is his younger brother John Cave.
    They were always interested in cricket.

    By ellen english (27/04/2023)

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