The Walker family, Victoria Road, Laindon

Hi there,  I’m trying to find out about my Dad and his family. They moved to Victoria Road in Laindon in 1920s from Tottenham, London and lived there – as far as I’m aware – up until the 60s. The family name is Walker – there was Richard and Rose (my Grandparents) and their children were Richard, Rose, Dorothy, Fred (my Dad) and Terry. My Dad was born in Billericay Hospital in 1933.  In the 50s, he and my Uncle Terry wired the house to the mains so they finally had electricity. I don’t know much about my Dad’s childhood – though by all accounts he enjoyed being a child during the war, as many did, and got up to all sorts of things – and would love to find out more (he did claim to ‘know’ Joan Sims, who was, I believe, the stationmaster’s daughter), especially if anyone has any photos or recollections of him and/or the rest of the Walker family. Many thanks in advance, Neil Walker – and apologies for any mistakes or wrong information in the above, my Dad was quite a storyteller.


According to the Electoral Register, Richard and Rose Walker lived at No. 186 Victoria Road, until 1970 at least. The 1949 BDC survey map shows this as plot No 100 (lower right corner of the map shown below).  The name of the bungalow isn’t mentioned but it stood between plot No. 99 ‘Northview’ and Plot No 101 ‘Deanscombe’.  This area was on the south side of Victoria Road, where the ‘Four Seasons’ restaurant now stands.  The bungalow was described as ‘three rooms in fair condition, pebble dashed with corrugated iron roof’.

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  • When were the houses in Powell Road built?

    By Shaun Wade (04/02/2022)
  • My Grandparents, Richard and Rose Walker, lived at “Dalmuir” 186, Victoria Road Laindon, my mother was their eldest child, Rose, followed by Richard, Dorothy, Fred and Terry, Teddy died from Tuberculosis and my Grandmother Rose once told me he was buried at St Nicholas Church to the west of the cemetery near where the old church hall use to be on the Pound Lane side, I am Ronald Young, be glad to chat with any relatives, I am on Skype, just type in my name my user name is: xxxxxxx I have somewhere photos of Nan and Granddad Walker, they had moved initially to the Broomhills estate at Little Burstead from “Marsden road” Edmonton, before moving later to Dalmuir 186 Victoria road, Laindon, Great Grandmother “Mama” lived in Russell Road, Tottenham, as a child she use to have holidays at Dalmuir, with my grandparents, other relatives from Harlow, Fred and Ivy, Ivy was my mother’s aunt, my grandmother’s sister.

    Editor: It is the Laindon Archives’ policy not to publish personal contact details on the website. However, we will be happy to supply any of Ronald’s relatives who wish to contact him, with his ‘Skype’ details upon their request.

    By Ronald Young (25/07/2020)
  • I am Ronald Young, eldest son of Rose Walker, and eldest Grandson of Richard and Rose Walker, Just came across my family mentioned here, while browsing the Laindon webpages, I have just turned 71 years, and have fond memories of my cousins, aunts and uncles, although I have lost contact with most of my relatives on my Walker side of the family, be nice to catch up with cousins I have never met, such as, my Uncles, Fred and Terry, the name of my Grandparents bungalow was “Dalmuir” 186 Victoria Road, I live in Pitsea now and have been retired since 2012, I have Skype so any of my relatives can message me there, my username xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Editor: It is the Laindon Archives’ policy not to publish personal contact details on the website. However, we will be happy to supply any of Ronald’s relatives who wish to contact him, with his ‘Skype’ details upon their request.

    By Ronald Young (25/07/2020)
  • I looked for the bungalow ‘The Haven’, No. 229 Victoria Road, on Basildon Development Corporation’s 1949 survey and found it had been on the north side of the road just before the turning for Dunton Drive (plot No. 92 on the above map.) The Haven was described as three rooms built of stucco and asbestos tiles and in fair condition. The Electoral Register shows Maud and Albert Hunt were living there.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (10/02/2019)
  • Wonder if anyone has heard of the “Hunt” family that lived at “The Haven” in Victoria Road, Laindon around 1940s up until about 1955.
    Or the “Pierce” family of “Hydrangea”.

    By Penny Smith (10/02/2019)
  • I’d like to ask a question regarding two names mentioned here. Margaret and Janet Walker, did they live with their parents at 14 Airey Houses, Pound Lane, Laindon in the 50s/60s ??

    By Donjoysmith (05/05/2018)
  • Hi Neil, You’re my Mums cousin, her father was Richard Walker and your Dad Fred’s brother. My Mum sadly passed away about 4 years ago, she was Janet. But Richard had 3 girls and Margaret and Hazel are still about. I remember my Grandad, he was a lovely man and told me many stories about his time in WW2 with the Navy. You know they also had another brother called Teddy who passed away whe he was only 4 when they were in Edmonton. I’ve been doing lots on the family tree and interestingly you’re Grandad was a flute maker and singing teacher in Belgravia in about 1880. You’re grandmother descended from the Huguenots and they were silk weavers in Spitalfields. Do you have any recollections of your cousins, Margaret, Janet and Hazel?

    By Joanne Bramley (01/05/2018)

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