Weekends away from London after the war

I lived in London in the 1940s/1950’s. My Dad had a small plot of land in Laindon along a lane with a well. We had a sort of small chalet? Or large shed? And spent many happy weekends there, sleeping in an old bell tent. We cooked on a primus stove, and I used to climb a huge oak tree there. Does anyone have any idea where this might have been? I might be in Southend soon and could visit Laindon. I would be grateful for any information. Is there a record anywhere of owners/renters of plots of land late 1940s to 1950s?

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  • Hello Pat,
    In 1949 Basildon Development Corporation carried out a survey of properties in the area that was going to be developed as Basildon New Town. The survey shows information on each dwelling listed ranging from brick built houses to wooden shacks, however you would need to have the name or number of the property along with the road name in order to find it. Local electoral registers for the time period you mention can help to trace the property but this will only be possible if the person in question had registered the (Laindon) address as their main place of residence. The LDCA group would be delighted to meet you at one of our regular Memory/Coffee Mornings at Laindon Library and if you are able to bring along any information we will be pleased to see if we can help. Colin Humphrey LDCA editing team.

    By Colin Humphrey (09/09/2022)

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