Harry Lowe's café on Arterial Road

Backside of an envelope from Laindon with a photo of Harry Lowe's Café
Frontside of the same envelope, sent from Laindon on AUG 31, 1950

Being a philatelist  I lately purchased a set of envelopes,   containing an envelope that was sent from Laindon.  On the backside an interesting photo of (I think) a building that was broken down.  It’s a little romantic, with some bicycles on it and a small billboard in the door: “TEAS”.
I hope it’s a little contribution for your community archive.



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  • Harry Lowe’s cafe was the Venue for a load of youngsters, including myself, in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. We each got a commemorative Coronation Mug to mark the occasion. We had a cracking time there!

    By Colin Clarke (21/03/2018)

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