Harry Lowe's café on Arterial Road

Backside of an envelope from Laindon with a photo of Harry Lowe's Café
Frontside of the same envelope, sent from Laindon on AUG 31, 1950

Being a philatelist  I lately purchased a set of envelopes,   containing an envelope that was sent from Laindon.  On the backside an interesting photo of (I think) a building that was broken down.  It’s a little romantic, with some bicycles on it and a small billboard in the door: “TEAS”.
I hope it’s a little contribution for your community archive.



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  • Micky Sullivan is still alive. Roy Webster is not in good health, he has trouble with his eyes and finds walking a struggle. Don Atkins is living in Clacton-on-sea, his sister Carol still lives in the family bungalow in Wash Road near the Prince of Wales pub. Of course the pub isn’t called that any more, it’s called The Noak Bridge.

    By Alan Taylor (04/11/2019)
  • Another apprentice was “Brian Brummel” he was an apprentice Blacksmith and lived (I think) in Church Road; not far from the “Prince of Wales” pub where a bunch of us used to gather on our motorbikes,(Micky Sullivan, Don Atkins, Roy Webster, Johnny Harding, Bert Morrison and one or two others whose names escape me.)J.B.

    By Mr.J.W.Birch (25/11/2018)
  • When I was an apprentice at “Coles of Laindon” in 1955, I and the other apprentices used to take it in turns to ride out push bikes to “Harry Lowes” to collect the tea in a large metal jug (must have held about a gallon) for the rest of the employees. One of the other apprentices was a school buddy of mine, one “Ernie Marshall.” The last time I spoke to Ernie was way back in the late 60’s/early 70’s when he was in Laindon on a visit and was now a builder living in Cornwall, can enybody add to this? J.B.

    By Mr.J.W.Birch (22/11/2018)
  • Harry Lowe’s cafe was the Venue for a load of youngsters, including myself, in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. We each got a commemorative Coronation Mug to mark the occasion. We had a cracking time there!

    By Colin Clarke (21/03/2018)

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