Memories 1953-1963

It has been really great to look back at old memories of Laindon.
I was at Markham’s Chase from 1953-1958 and then at Laindon High Road from
1958-63. I played in the football, cricket and rugby teams, it would be great to hear
from any of those guys. John Austin, Eric Pascoe, David Reynolds, Michael Tyler and
so many more. Our PE teacher- Geoff Munday was a big Spurs fan at the time they
did the double, early sixties.
I moved into London and then to the “frozen north” I still play tennis and squash.
It would be great to hear from any of that generation.
Kind Regards to all.
Jeff Stacey

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  • Memories Markhams Chase 1953-59

    I just stumbled on your website again today and really pleased to see the article from Jeff Stacey. Jeff and I got to know each other quite well as we shared a double desk at the front of the class in 4G(?). I was placed there by Mr Godber because I was too talkative at the back of the class! I was in touch with Eric Pascoe a few years ago. He moved to Perth, Australia. Also with Jillean Porter (now Hipsey) netball international. I also attended a school reunion some years back but no one there I recognised.  Alan Reeves came to my secondary school in Grays. My main sporting interest there was athletics (triple jump and high jump mainly at Thurrock Harriers) and I did meet Mr Baguley a few times as he represented Basildon athletes. I’m also a Spurs fan like him and have a season ticket. I now live in West London and very occasionally have been back to Laindon. The last time was to a stamp fair at the Methodist Church in Langdon Hills. I’m still involved with the British Computer Society and also wrote a novel during the Covid pandemic to keep me sane.
    I’d love to make direct contact with Jeff if possible. Can you pass him my email address?

    By David Reynolds (17/04/2023)
  • Hello Jeff,
    I believe I know you and remember your family.
    We lived at Belgrave, High Road until 1962.
    My brother Clive Clifford, mum, dad and me.
    Kind regards

    By Margaret Dray (04/01/2018)
  • Hello Jeff. You might remember me as one of the guys always kicking a ball about with the late John Austin, Michael Venables and Robert Riggs to name a few. As I remember you were not too bad at football yourself. I still bump into a few of the old gang now and then like Derek Higgs, Big Joe Borwoski and had a good chat with a few guys at the last school reunion in 2016.

    By Trevor Reynolds (31/12/2017)

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