A little bit of Laindon's past.

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  • Does anyone have any photos of the Regal Social Club? I have such fond memories as a child going there, I have memories of it but would love to see pictures.

    By Zoe Hodgson (23/06/2022)
  • I believe my grandmother Maggie Pickering ran the Regal Club for a number of years assisted by husband Ernest.
    My memory also tells me that when my grandad passed away Bill Nuth was also involved in running the club.
    Both grandparents are buried in the cemetery of St Nicholas Church.

    By John Pickering (11/10/2020)
  • My parents were members for a time when I was a young child. We were not allowed inside and would play on the green opposite which, at that time, ran all the way from Pound Lane up to St Nicholas Church and from St Nicholas Lane northward to the social hall. Prior to the building being the Regal Club it was the church of a seldom heard of sect. The name of which escapes me.

    The building itself was almost the same as the various other small churches and social halls in the area. Perhaps they were all pre-fabricated as they were remarkably similar. The inside was almost stark. A wooden floor. Perhaps a dozen tables around which sat mainly the women. One section was given over to a couple of dartboards and the delineated stripe on the floor. At the back was a bar all of five feet in length behind which Bill Nuth presided as bar tender of a very limited selection. Altogether it was not at all “regal”.

    Bill Nuth’s son Alec was a year ahead of me at Chelmsford Tech. Years later a very close friend, Ray Coath, lived around the corner at 6, Dickens Drive.

    By Alan Davies (23/05/2020)

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