Service House

In the 1930/40/50’s, and perhaps beyond, there was, pigeon holed between Toomey’s Garage and the garden of the Laindon Hotel, a one storied office building named Service House.

I was never inside the building and my only memory is walking by on countless occasions. It was a one story building, simple but modern in appearance. It was one of the smarter looking buildings on the High Street. Exactly what went on inside I know not. Perhaps other contributors to these archives can elaborate.

I always assumed it was sort of a general collecting office wherein Laindoners could pay their various bills. For example electricity bills, gas, water, BUDC taxes, council house rents etc etc. There were other places in the village to pay bills. I remember my mother paying the rent on our little bungalow in Raglan Road to Rawley Estate Agent office. Rawley’s office was on stilts, on the bend in the High Road as it rounded the corner opposite Churchill Johnson and Station Approach. Somehow, I always imagined that Service House got most of the business.

I have no idea who owned the business or how many were employed. I do know that Bunny Bedford (next door but one neighbour in King Edward Terrace) worked there as did June Steele, a classmate at LHR.

Perhaps other readers can add more details.

Editor:-  There’s a picture of Service House together with a short article on this website.  To view it please click here.

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  • Toomey Insurance Brokers Ltd was established in 1981 and operated from Service House, Laindon High Road until 1996.  I remember going there for a job interview for a secretarial position shortly before they moved to their new premises at Service House, Westmayne, Laindon/Dunton, Basildon SS15.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (02/10/2017)
  • We lived in Railway Approach until 1951 and our coal was ordered and paid for in this office.

    By Colin Ferrier (02/10/2017)

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