Early Life in Laindon 1940 to 1947. Part 2.

Living next to the Arterial Road.

Beginning of June 1944.

In June 1944 we were living in a rented bungalow called Daphdolvia, on the Arterial Road. It was situated between Pound Lane and Church Road and just past the track leading to St Nicholas Church.

By June 4th the Canadian Army were camped out on the verge with their equipment, waiting to embark on what we now know as ‘D Day’. The line of vehicles seemed to stretch for ever. My mother and grandmother made tea by the gallon……all very exciting to a 4 year old!

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  • The Burford family? I had not thought of Robin Burford in many years. He was in my class at Chelmsford Tech and was the first of us young lads to have a real, live, actual girl friend. Ann Healy who went to private school in Chelmsford, lived in Stock and rode the same bus home. I thought the Burfords lived along the arterial but it could just as well have been Pound Lane.

    By Alan Davies (15/09/2015)
  • Hi Alan,  You are probably correct about the Burfords living on the Arterial Road. My brother also said they lived on the Arterial Road but for some reason I thought it was Pound Lane.

    I was only a 5 year old at the time!

    By Beryl Mallett nee King (15/09/2015)
  • Hi Ken,   I have located the photo of the Arterial Road that you are interested in. It is a postcard sent to my father whilst in St. Andrew’s Hospital, Billericay and dated 1945.  It was sent by the Burford family whom I believe lived in Pound Lane.

    The picture is of ‘New Southend Road, Laindon’. 

    Unfortunately I can’t scan onto my laptop at this time but I am happy to send a copy to you or the editor.

    By Beryl Mallett nee King (12/09/2015)
  • Hi Beryl.   Great – I will get the editor to send you my address. Thank you.

    By Ken Porter (12/09/2015)
  • Hi Beryl

    You have got me a little excited over the photograph, are you willing for us to have a copy? If so, I can let you have my email address.  Keep writing.  

    Cheers – Ken

    By Ken Porter (08/06/2015)
  • Hi Ken,

    Part 1 can be found in ‘Early Life in  Laindon 1940 to 1947’ sub title  ‘Wartime Memories’ if you haven’t already found it.  More to come!

    By Beryl Mallett (08/06/2015)
  • Hi Beryl

    Very interesting.  Is there any way you can add to the story as I am collecting as much information I can on what was happening in Laindon/Basildon during the second world war?  Any photos of the bungalow etc?  I did a paper round for Pollards, shop on the Arterial Road, just up from Pound Lane.   Cheers.

    By Ken Porter (07/06/2015)
  • Hi Ken,

    I do have quite a lot more to add and I do have a photo of the bungalow, I just can’t locate it at the moment.

    Watch this space!

    By Beryl Mallett nee King (07/06/2015)

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