Sad loss of two of Laindon's sons.

Laindon lost two of its favourite sons last month. Ron Williams who came to Laindon and made it his home in the early 1930s when his parents took over the Carlton Club (now the Winston Social club).  Ron was a well known character who was a member of various local clubs and had just celebrated 70 years as a member of Laindon Masonic Lodge.   Ron passed away just a few days before his 98th birthday.

Arthur Briley was born in Laindon in 1927, educated at the High Road School before joining his uncle John Briley in the family’s electrical business.
A. Briley Electricians had a small shop just up the steps next to Blackwell’s the newsagent in the High Road.   Arthur was a much loved father and grandfather whom whenever I had the pleasure of meeting him, would regale stories of Laindon past.  Arthur was also a well respected member of The Laindon Masonic Lodge.  Arthur died just short of his 93rd birthday which he was to have celebrated later this month.

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  • Hi Alan
    I knew you would respond – when you were causing havoc in the Berry Lane area, I was living and behaving myself in Pound Lane, Laindon. Did not move to Berry Lane until 1963. I first met Tony when I was playing cricket for Laindon against Westley Cricket Club on the old POW camp ground – The headlines after the match read something like – ‘Teenager defies the ferocious attack of George Buck and Tony Williams for half an Hour’ – I scored 9 runs – I then went off and played for Ilford before having another year for Laindon in 1971 at the recreation ground where Tony was now the Umpire, but played with his son Mark – I continued to bump into him every now and again – lovely chap but lost touch had not realised he had moved to Wales, cannot tell you where…all the best for now…stay safe. Ken

    By Kenneth Porter (19/05/2020)
  • Hi Ken,
    How strange. There were a whole bunch of us Berry Lane and surrounding road kids of about the same age. Kenny Cannon, Billy Seager, John Sammon, Tony Davies (my cousin), Tony Ringwood, Bobby and Kenny Davies (more cousins), Howard Duke, Arthur Avis (yet another cousin), Denis Hayes, Tony Williams, Kenny Bird, Cyril Barnet, Peter Sefton, Michael Sefton, John Claus, Brian Samson, Harold Caudell, Kenny Lockett, Ronnie Chapman, Benjie Ellis, and Ernie Crafer. And that’s just the boys. All within a couple of years of each other, all living less than a few hundred yards from each other and all living in or off the little roads that fed into Berry Lane.

    Do you know more of Tony Williams? How did he end up in Wales? Where in Wales? (My good friend George Hill from Laindon ended up in Cardiff.) What business/trade did he take up? More strangely perhaps, Tony Williams and I both courted Josie Grindle (sister of my good friend from Laindon, Jim Grindle) for a while. Josie ended up with a happy marriage to Derek Sizer, the son of Sizer’s butchers opposite Pelhams. Life is strange!

    By Alan Davies (18/05/2020)
  • As far as I know Ron was not related to Tony Williams, I remember Tony he was a regular guest of Bill Davey at Basildon Concord Rotary Club back in the 1990s. So sorry to hear of his death.

    By Paul Gibson (17/05/2020)
  • Hi Alan

    I knew Tony Williams, played cricket with him and against him…he moved to Wales and passed away a month or so back.

    By Kenneth Porter (17/05/2020)
  • Paul, did Ron Williams live in Samuel Road and did he have a son, Tony? I realize Williams is a not uncommon name but there was a Tony Williams who was a year ahead of me at Langdon Hills School. Perhaps they were related. I have no idea what happened to Tony.

    By Alan Davies (16/05/2020)

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