Waverley Cottage and Abbotsford

Waverley Road, Laindon.

Waverley Cottage built 1909.
Waverley Cottage 2019.
Abbotsford built 1909.

In 1909 two similar houses were built in Waverley Road, Laindon. Their names were Waverley Cottage and Abbotsford.

The 1918 Electoral Register shows Tracey Mead in residence at Waverley Cottage and Charles Wilding in residence in Abbotsford

The 1929 Electoral Register shows George and Annie Howe in residence in Waverley Cottage and William and Elizabeth Roddam in residence in Abbotsford.

The Basildon Development Corporation’s 1949 survey describes both houses having 6 to 7 rooms in good condition on tidy plots.

The two houses are still standing today, tucked in a corner at the end of Waverley Road, with a hedge between them and the main road.  Waverley Cottage may have had a porch added but amazingly it still has the original windows.

They are smart, sturdy looking houses and a credit to the builders of 110 years ago.


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  • It’s a shame there’s no pictures of the rest of the properties in Waverley Road.

    By Allan Cameron (20/01/2023)

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