Map of Kings Road in the 1950s

Hello Editor, this map may be of interest to Nina & some of the new residents! I will understand if you think it not worth while, as I am no artist!

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  • Hi, the Stannards lived on King’s Road and King’s Crescent. My grandad, William Stannard (Bill) grew up on King’s Road. His nan lived at ‘Symla’ King’s Crescent and Bill and Joan Stannard bought the bungalow on King’s Crescent in the 1950’s.

    Sadly grandad (Bill) passed away last year, and I now live in the bungalow. His mother moved to Great Yarmouth. His brother Eddy now lives in Great Yarmouth and his sister Jean lives in Ireland. The other siblings passed away some time ago. My mum, Christine (born 1952) and aunt Carol (born 1960) grew up on King’s Crescent and still live local. 

    By Joanne French (22/06/2017)
  • I remember “Dirty Bills”, but a little differently. I don’t recall a pipe organ but I do recall 2 jukeboxes, often both playing at the same time, albeit playing different songs !  On the counter was a tall chrome water heater that supplied hot water for teas and coffees. Around the top was a large rim that Bill kept filled with pre-packaged meat pies that were heated by the rising heat of the boiler. Below the counter was a glass fronted cabinet originally (I guess) intended to display sandwiches, rolls or cakes. In this cabinet could be found car radios, transistor radios and even car wheels complete with tyres ! I often wondered if these might have been stolen goods or if Bill had taken these items as payment for goods from customers who found themselves short of funds ?

    By Donald Joy (19/07/2016)
  • I remember stinkie Bill’s as its other name. Bill would walk around in his shopkeeper coat and a flat cap.  He was a small man with ginger hair.

    It’s my belief that Bill was a captain, I don’t know if that was the First or Second World War. I have no doubt that someone will know?

    I also remember my parents running the working man’s club next to the Cafe, well my Mum did, as my Dad worked away from home a lot of the time.   Any help on this time in our history will be gratefully received.  

    Bill’s wife’s name was Pat, they had a daughter, but I can’t remember her ever living at the Cafe.  In its time, it was the place to be, so I was told.

    I remember the cafe had a fire and Bill coming to live with us in Rakes Progress. One thing I can remember is my mum making Bill have a bath which he didn’t like much. I think that Pat had died by then. He did return to the cafe for a short time.  Bill went in to hospital, but his health was still not good. He came back to us again where he sadly passed away around 1967. 

    I hope this will jog some more memories of the days gone by.

    By Stephen Petty (06/07/2016)
  • I well remember “dirty Bill’s” cafe. I think there was a large pipe organ in one corner. I wonder if it was as bad as it seemed, and if so how it stayed open?

    By Paul Stickland (05/07/2016)
  • Does anyone remember Bill’s Café, opposite Enefers? A real dirty hole.

    By Ken Elliott (05/07/2016)
  • Hello Ken and all.  Steve Petty here.  I lived in ‘Rakes Progress’ with my Father and Mother Les and Lil.  I had two sisters Lesley (Dagmar) and Deborah. Unfortunately nether my Dad or Dagmar are with us. 

    ‘Rakes Progress’ was built on the side of my Dad’s family home ‘St Ives’ which my Granddad built in 1901 next to your home Ken, my aunt Eileen lived in ‘St Ives’ all her life, I only sold it when she passed away in 2013.

    Ken I do remember you coming home on leave in your RAF uniform. Your parents were so proud of you.

    With regards to your pond, I also have  great memories of fishing there and going on the boat, in fact the pond was a lot bigger than most of us remember, it went across the two properties. When my dad built ‘Rakes Progress’ he needed to get rid of the soil from the footings, so he filled in ‘St Ives’ side of the pond which made the ground on my auntie’s side higher than your dad’s. Although the pond, as we know has now dried up, the 3 new houses where your house was, those gardens at the bottom  still flood as the water table rises and the spring comes back to life.

    Linda, Peggy and Ken’s names were Bill they had two daughters Sanda and another I can’t remember, Ken and  Peggy were my cousins. 

    Mr and Mrs  Pratt had two children John and Valerie, most of Kings Road got their eggs and in the summer cut flowers and vegetables from them.

    By Stephen Petty (02/07/2016)
  • Anyone remember the woods where Chenies Drive is now? I remember the trees in an arch making it look like a big tunnel and there was an old bungalow there which was derelict. 

    By Mrs D (28/01/2015)
  • Would LOVE to see some old pics of how it used to be before they built Chenies Drive & Queens Road. I might have a couple and if I find them, I will put them on here.

    By Mrs D (28/01/2015)
  • Well, I wrote to No. 28 some weeks ago, but sadly no reply.

    By Ken Elliott (31/08/2013)
  • I moved from Cambridge Road and moved in Kings Road from about 1935 and I am in touch with Paul Strickland, my cousin, who used to live in “Kismet” No 5 and our family with sisters Betty and Frances lived at No 9 Kings Road on the corner of “Chesham Road” ?  A friend of mine Johnny? Musgrave lived at the foot of our garden on Chesham Road and he, Johnny Musgrave, Ronald Tilley, New Century Road, and Pat Roach all went into the services after joining the 1474 ATC. I also recall the Stannard family opposite and the “Rumble” family who ran the petrol station at the top of Kings Road as my father drove a petrol tanker a few times. On the corner of Kings Crescent and Kings Road was the Grigg family who had a daughter Freda Griggs. By John Constable.

    By John Constable (02/07/2013)
  • Hi Ken, I hope you do dare to write, they may be able to give you some info. One thing I remember about the big house on the right is that around 1960 (ish) Les & Lil decided to dig a swimming pool in their back garden. All us kids said we’d help if we could use it when it was finished. I probably dug for about 2hrs before I got bored. Chesham Drive has been there for as long as I remember. It ran from Kings Road to Queens Road. It was a track for about half way, then just turned into grass so you pretty much walked across the field until you got to bushes at the bottom which was where Queens Road was made up to. Goodness, I feel as old as the hills writing this.

    By Linda Clarke (10/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken, next to what is now St Ives is a detached house, which was Les & Lil Petty’s house. They lived there for years. I wonder if you remember them? Their children were Stephen & Lesley (Dagmar).

    By Linda Clarke (09/05/2013)
  • Hello Linda, looking from the road, the house to the right is where our orchard was, with the pond at the far end. To the left, the big posh place with the stock car in front, is also new. Nothing wrong with stock cars, I used to race one myself! I wonder who lives in No.28. Dare I write to them? What do you think? Regards

    By Ken Elliott (09/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken, yes, there did used to be a footpath where you have one on your map, but earlier Chesham Drive was mentioned & you haven’t got that drawn in. It is where the concrete surface part of Kings Rd starts. The footpath has been built across now, but Chesham is still there (Google maps)

    By Linda Clarke (07/05/2013)
  • Thanks for clearing that up for me, Linda. I was looking at Kings Rd with Google Maps. Going by Linda’s mention of No. 25, I turned 90 degrees, and found myself facing a white bungalow, Called St. Ives, No.28. I managed to zoom in a bit, and centralise the picture. Well, I am pretty sure this is Lyndhurst, where we used to live. In my day, it had a wooden veranda right across the front, where the little porch is. The windows and roof look exactly as I remember them. Our access was down the LH side, to the right was a strip of garden. On the back of the building was a conservatory, with a sink and cold water tap. Looks a lot different, but the basic shape sticks in my memory. Was Chesham Drive always there? I must admit, I don’t remember it at all.

    By Ken Elliott (07/05/2013)
  • Hello Linda, I am pretty sure the footpath is in the correct place on my map. It went across the field behind the Burtons bungalow, over a ditch, which ran down the side of their bungalow, then linked up with Queens Road. The ditch ran across Kings Rd, where the bushes are on my map. It was always a mess there in the winter, lorries delivering coal, etc, and the few cars owned by residents, always had a job to get through. Regards

    By Ken Elliott (06/05/2013)
  • I don’t remember the Gallaghers, but they could have lived in Miss Wrights bungalow, after her, mentioned by Paul Stickland, she lived opposite us, on the left of the footpath.

    By Ken Elliott (03/05/2013)
  • Hi, A Gallagher family lived next door to me (I lived in Charleston). On Ken’s map, what is marked as the footpath is actually Chesham Drive which is past the bushes & nearer to the Arterial, so the Gallagher’s would have been more towards the Dunton Rd end in the unmade part.

    By Linda Clarke (03/05/2013)
  • Hello Paul Furlong, yes the Stannards lived in Kings Rd, unless my memory fails me. There was Eddy & Sheila, and their parents. They lived in that block of houses where the Jeakins lived. Interesting to hear about the pond drying up, I wonder why that happened. I believe it was fed by a spring, so I assume that must have failed. Any idea when the roads were made up? I guess the Stricklands would have lived near Nicky Freeman & his family. I think he had two sisters? Regards Ken

    By Ken Elliott (02/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken, Well thinking back I must have been about 10 yrs old when the road was made up, so lets say about 1968.

    As for the pond, well that was a few years later when I was about 13 to 14 yrs old. So that would make it about 1971 to 72 that it dried up. 

    Opposite you next to the footpath on the left lived some more friends whose surname was Gallagher, do you know of them. the sons were Barry and Paul but I cannot remember the parents names.

    By Paul Furlong (02/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken, We lived in the detached house called Kismet. This is opposite where the Jeakins and Stanards lived. I was born in 1950, so a bit after your time. Jimmy was 14 years older, so more your age. Paul

    By Paul Stickland (01/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken, Yes the police garage faced the arterial next to the rough bushy area shown on the map. As for the V8 pilot do not remember that but would like one. Where did I work with the Moss brothers? Well in lots of office blocks in London installing air conditioning and heating systems.

    If I am correct where your dad used to own the pond, that was where one of my friends lived and we used to fish there all the time, that pond was at the bottom of his garden. I remember when it started to dry up we transferred hundreds of fish to a pond in another friends pond in his horse field between Latimer Drive and Dunton Road.

    I am a bit confused over the Stannards living in Kings Road because the Stannards lived at the top of Kings Crescent, so did they move round the corner after living at Kings Road?? The name Stickland rings a bell also.

    By Paul Furlong (01/05/2013)
  • Hello to Paul Stickland. I faintly remember the name Jimmy Stickland, where was your house on my map? Paul Furlong, was the Police Garage facing onto the Arterial. I seem to remember a black V8 Pilot as a police car, parked there. Perhaps that is where our impulses to own one came from. Where did you work with the Moss’s?

    By Ken Elliott (30/04/2013)
  • Hi Ken, I was born in 1958 and lived at “Wroxham” Kings Crescent from birth until I was 26 then moved away. Its great reading all the input and memories of people. The bungalow was the second one up from Queens road, almost opposite what used to be the old police garage and then a company called, Galvoptics. Many names that are mentioned I know and wonder whats happened to them now, I worked with Keith and Rodney Moss for a few years until I changed jobs. There were also a few friends that I used to see in Kings Road and have community firework nights etc in the fields between Kings Road and Queens Road, what great times. As for Chesham Drive I remember about halfway up from Queens Road, there was a bungalow that had geese and they always used to chase us away from the front of the house, better than guard dogs!. If anyone thinks they know me please get in touch.

    By Paul Furlong (28/04/2013)
  • Can I extend this review of Kings Road to include also Queens Road and ask if anyone can remember Mary Baker. She lived with her family in, I think a bungalow if my memory serves me rightly about halfway along this road which I recall was not made up at the time, this was around 1960/61. Some of her selected friends would go there after school to listen to the latest records, brought along by them to be played on her gramophone. Brilliant and special times.

    By Richard Haines (22/04/2013)
  • Hi Ken, I well remember paying 6d to fish in your fathers pond. I lived at No 5 (Kismet) Kings Road. With my twin brother Graham, older brother Jimmy and sisters Kate & Rosa Stickland. I think the lady who lived by the footpath was Miss Wright. I remember she used to give all the local children Sunday tea in return for sing hymns while she played the harmonium. Happy days.

    By Paul Stickland (21/04/2013)
  • I don’t remember much about Kings Crescent. Houses down one side only, facing the Arterial. Concrete road surface, like Kings Rd. I do remember the Moss family who lived on it. Keith & Rodney were the boys of the family. I believe they were related to the Jeakins?

    By Ken Elliott (17/03/2013)
  • Hello Linda. On the opposite corner of the footpath to the Burtons, was a bungalow where a Mrs Wright lived, I see the footpath is all built up now, called Cheshum? I believe my father sold the orchard on our land, to a builder, but that was about 1960, so I was in the RAF then. My parents lived at Lyndhurst for several years after I left, probably until the mid to late 1960s. Opposite the Burtons, was another bungalow, with one in between IT and Lyndhurst. Here I believe lived a Mr Short? There were bungalows spaced out both sides of the road, down to Dunton Road.

    By Ken Elliott (16/03/2013)
  • Hi Ken, Looking at your map, you have Chesham Drive on the wrong side of the bushes. Chesham Drive is right opposite No 60 Kings Road (the first of the two story terrace house going towards the Arterial) near where the made up road started. There was a track next door but one to me, but that has now been built across. I left there in 1966 when my husband and I got a house in Basildon. Just as an aside, on the junction of Kings Crescent/Kings Road was Mrs Rickards, with Linda and Lesley.

    By Linda Clarke (16/03/2013)
  • Thanks for putting me right, Linda. All looks so different now. When was the road made up, any idea?

    By Ken Elliott (16/03/2013)
  • Don’t know for sure. I do know that when I got married in March 1965, I got ready at my mum in laws house in King Edward Rd as I didn’t want to wear my wellies to my wedding !!

    By Linda Clarke (16/03/2013)
  • I moved to Charleston from Broomhills Estate in about 1958 when I was about 10. My mum & dad were Ethel & Reg Smith. My sister Wendy was 15. Next door was Peggy & Ken Petty, Opposite & along a bit were Lilian & Les Petty & their children, Stephen & Dagmar. I think Les’s sister Eileen lived nearby. Going towards the Arterial end were Mr & Mrs Pratt & just before the bushes, Mr Durndle?

    By Linda Clarke (nee Smith) (15/03/2013)
  • Whereabouts were you on the map, Linda?

    By Ken Elliott (15/03/2013)
  • Hi Ken, as near as I can work out from google maps, Charleston was about where No 25 Kings Rd is now, about half way between Latimer and Cheshum. On your map it looks to be almost opposite you.

    By Linda Clarke (nee Smith) (15/03/2013)
  • Many thanks Ken, I’m sure this will jog a few memories.

    By Editor (14/03/2013)

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