The source of the name "Laindon"

FYI. The name “Lain” is french L’Ain (the Ain), the Ain River in France. Ain means “river” according to a book called “24,000 Ancient Celtic Names”. The word Ain is also in the old testament several times and the meaning always relates to “a natural spring, water, stream, river”. In the ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic the Ain (spelling differs slightly in Hebrew, Phoenican, Islam, etc.) means the “eye, source”. All these usages appear related the the source of water–probably the most important thing for desert nomadic peoples.

Editor’s note.  Further thoughts on the name Laindon can be found by clicking here.

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  • Interesting. I remember a teacher at Langdon Hills School telling us that Langdon came from the old English ‘lang’ (meaning long) and ‘don’ (meaning hill). I always assumed that there was an almost sibling relationship between the adjoining place names Langdon Hills and Laindon. Perhaps not.

    By Alan Davies (09/11/2019)

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