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Harry Rossiter

I have just bought a book on R.A.F. Witchford and one of the letters in it was from a Flight Sergeant Harry Rossiter.  He was a Laindon person and he married a Laindon girl.

Her name was Edna and they got married at St Mary’s Church at Langdon Hills by the Rev T Hickson. After they were married they had a room at her parents’ house, this was in a road called Cedar Avenue, Laindon.

I would like to know if he is still in the Laindon area or perhaps in the Basildon area.

As his letter states he was part of a Lancaster crew and flew from Witchford aerodrome.  He was 22 years old on the 11th August 1944.

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  • I am referring to a note by Shakun Chowdhary above where mention is made of my brother Bill. I regret to state that he passed away in Basildon Hospital on Thursday 8h February aged 93 after a long illness battling with lung disease. It was for him a merciful release but a long distance from me his grieving brother aged 95. He served his country well in WW2 in the Guards Armoured division as a Bren gun carrier driver in Germany and after in Palestine.

    By Harry Rossiter (16/02/2018)
  • Is there anyone wishing to contact me? Better get a move on as I will be 96 next August so my tape has not long to go. I have news of many former members of the St Nicholas youth club I can relate. De-digitate!! Harry Rossiter.

    Editor: Our Chairman, Ken Porter, will be in contact.

    By Harry Rossiter (16/01/2018)
  • You have made my day! Glad to hear there is still someone around from my generation. What happened to the rest – J Day, Eric G – I think I have a photo of the scout group, must dig it out and post it.

    By Dorothy Harber (06/10/2017)
  • If anyone wishes to get in touch, please contact the Editor of this website to obtain my e-mail address. Harry R.

    By Harry Rossiter (05/10/2017)
  • I’m still alive but not kicking so hard at 94. My beloved Edna died from the Big ‘C’ in July 2003 after 59 years of contented marriage. Contact Ken Porter with whom I keep in touch. By the way, I live in Exeter NOT Brighton, Harry Rossiter, an Essex Police pensioner.

    By Harry Rossiter (16/11/2016)
  • Hello Ken

    When you publish Harry’s book, I look forward to reading a copy.  Perhaps you could let me know when it will be published and whether I could purchase a copy, as I would love to read his story.  I hope to hear from you very soon.

    By Brian Markin (26/05/2016)
  • Brian…. Harry wrote a lovely memory of my father Dr Chowdhary in response to the article I wrote… you can find it there.  I remember Bill his brother more clearly as I was a bridesmaid at his wedding to Winnie Finch. It seems that Harry is in touch with this website specially with Ken as a link.

    By Shakun Banfield (Chowdhary) (14/03/2016)
  • Hi Brian,  I know Harry very well, he currently lives in Brighton but we keep in touch. I meet him up at St Nicholas Church once a year when he visits his grandmother’s grave. I have his war story and on one of these days I will publish it. I intend getting a copy of the book.
    Cheers Ken.

    By Ken Porter (12/03/2016)
  • Harry Rossiter married Edna Reynolds in 1944.  There are several entries on this website from Harry who moved away to live in Exeter.  Harry’s entries can be found by typing his name into the search box at the top of the page.  In one of his entries he mentions that his in-laws lived in Cecil Drive, Laindon.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (11/03/2016)

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